Reigubas (レイキュバス Reikyubasu), also called "Reyvcus" in the English dub and "Reicubas" (video game exclusive), was a fiddler crab-themed kaiju that worked with Spume and the Digons in Ultraman Dyna.

Subtitle: Space Sea Beast (宇宙海獣 Uchū Umijū)


  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 72,000 t
  • Origin: Antarctica (Spawned by Spume)


Ultraman Dyna

25,26 - reikyubas 1

Reigubas' Ice Type

Reigubas was, like Monsarger, a biological weapon, but this time used by Spume. Reigubas was released just as Dyna appeared to rescue to moving base from Spume. After a short battle, Reigubas and Dyna emerged onto the surface of Antarctica and began a new confrontation. However, Dyna was weakened by the cold and was also distracted by Spume's threats of crashing the Man-Made Sun onto Earth. Reigubas quickly gained the advantage and froze Dyna, causing Asuka to fall into a unconscious state from the cold and Dyna's color timer to blink. Super GUTS arrived and Reigubas immedietly began to shoot fireballs at the fighters, but was tricked by Captain Hibiki in the GUTS Eagle Beta to launch a fireball at the frozen Dyna, melting his imprisonment. Dyna then transformed into Miracle Type and fled the site, rushing towards to Man-Made Sun and launching a beam at it, reactivating the sun and freeing it of Spume's control. Dyna became re-energized and used his Spin Slam to attack Reigubas while falling from the sky. Just as Reigubas tried to freeze Dyna again, Dyna unleashed his Revolium Wave Attack Type and sent Reigubas to an alternate dimension.


  • Suit Actor: Toshio Miyake
  • Reigubas was the first monster to defeat Ultraman Dyna in battle.
  • Reigubas is one of the playable characters in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3. He also can Type Change, where each type has a different special attack.
  • In MUGEN and Taiketsu! Ultra Hero, Reigubas's pincers is reverse. Where his big pincer in left hand and the small pincer in right hand, while the real one is reverse.
  • These episodes were featured in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 82 "Dyna Defeated!? The Kraakov Will Not Surface!".

Ultraman Ginga S

In episode 7 and 8 of Ultraman Ginga S, Reigubas' Spark Doll were used by Alien Chibu Exceller to become Five King.

Powers and Weapons

  • Type Change: Reigubas can change his type from fire to ice or ice to fire.When he does it, his eye color changes as well, with blue for ice and red for fire.
    • Ice Type: Reigubas' default form. Reigubas can also change into the fire type as well.
      • Cooling Gas (冷却ガス Reikyaku Gasu): Reigubas can unleash a powerful freezing mist from his mouth that can even freeze Ultras.
    • Fire Type: Reigubas' secondary form. Reigubas can also change back into ice type.
      • Flaming Bullet Barrage (火炎弾連打 Kaen-dan Renda): Reigubas can fire powerful fireballs from his mouth. However, the heat of the fireballs can cause a counter effect to a frozen enemy.
  • Exoskeleton: Thanks to it's exoskeleton, Reigubas can resist the extremely cold temperature of Antarctica and able to resist minor assaults.

Spark Doll


"MonsLive! Golza, Gan Q, Melba, Reigubas, Super C.O.V.! Super Combination!"

Exceller MonsLiving himself with the Spark Dolls to become Five King.

In Ultraman Ginga S, Reigubas was revealed to be a part of Alien Chibu Exceller's collection.


  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g


Other Media

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3

Reigubas reappeared in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 as a playable character. He also can Type Change, which each type has a different special attack.

MUGEN and Taiketsu! Ultra Hero



Ultraman Dyna


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