Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, Episode 12
Air date 02/16/2008
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Ultraman (Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Episode)
Planet Escape

Reiblood (レイブラッド, Reiburaddo) is the 12th episode of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.


Mega Monster Battle File

  • Oki: Mega Monster Battle File. Today we're gonna talk about the legendary giant! Ultraman! Ultraman is a hero who needs to defeat his enemies within a short amount of time. He is the eternal hero who fought to protect the Earth and mankind!
  • Kumano: Oki, do you want to meet Ultraman?
  • Oki: No, I'm fine. I'm not really that...
  • Kumano: Come on. Next episode will be the climax. Let's go energetically!
  • Oki: Yeah.
  • Kumano: Cheer for us!


Suit actors


Reionyx Users

Ordinary Monsters

King Joe Black

Reionyx Monsters

DVD Release

  • Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Volume 7 features episodes 12-13.

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