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This Litra (S) (リトラ (Sスペシャル) Ritora EsuSpeshiaru) is Rei's second personal Battle Nizer monster, with the other being Gomora.

Subtitle: Prehistoric Bird (原始怪鳥 Genshi Kaichō)


Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Litra was first seen flying over the ZAP SPACY crew, after the fight between Gomora and Red King. Though the crew was winded by the wind gusts it created, Litra posed no threat to them for her peaceful nature. After the crew was investigating a Mukadender corpse, the flower monster Juran appeared and quickly began releasing a toxic pollen from its opening. Litra appeared attacked it but her efforts were futile to Juran's vines, until she released her acid, melting the plant with only a few shots. However, Litra was left weak and near-death as it used its last weapon. That's when Rei appeared, pulling out his glowing Battle Nizer, and Litra had joined Rei with Gomora in his Battle Nizer.

From this point onward, she, Gomora, and their master, Rei, would continue to fight alongside ZAP SPACY in their effort to survive the harsh monster planet. It would go on to assist Gomora in battle against many monsters, such as Golza, Bemstar, Twin Tail, Bullton, King Joe Black, and Zetton.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Phinx ltr

Fire Litra in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Upon arriving on the new planet of Hammer, Litra assists Rei and Gomora as they are met with new threats including the mysterious but dangerous Reionics Hunter, a cocky, but tough Alien Keel Reionics known as Grande, as well as other Reionics aliens who also wield Battle Nizers just like Rei. Compared to her original appearance, Litra plays a more underplayed role, however, she does play a majorrole in the series finale, assisting Rei in reaching the core of Planet Hammer in order for Rei to confront Alien Rayblood about his past.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Litra Legend

Litra, as seen in the Ultra Galaxy film.

Although not playing a prominent role in the film, Litra is seen working alongside Rei, Gomora, and the Ultra Brothers in battling against Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. However she was soon defeated when Ultraman Belial struck her with his Giga Battle Nizer. She was not seen again afterwards, likely called back for her own safety.

Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero

In part 1 of the prequel, Rei uses Litra to (unsuccessfully) try and breach the base of the Salome aliens to stop their robots from attacking them. However, Litra is shot down by a damaged Mecha Gomora before retreating to her Battle Nizer while Rei is kidnapped by the Alien Salomes.

Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar

In part 2 of the prequel, Rei uses Litra to protect himself and Princess Emerana from a brainwashed Jean-Bot. Litra however was quickly downed by Jean-Bot's more superior strength, but was saved by Princess Emerana before Jean-Bot could finish her off. She was not seen again afterwards, likely called back for her own safety.


Litra (S)


  • Height: 15 m
  • Weight: 10,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Boris
  • Attack: 600 (Galaxy), 1100 (NEO)
  • Defense: 800
  • Speed: 1500 (Galaxy), 1700 (NEO)
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Being a giant bird, Litra can fly/soar through the aire at high speeds.
  • Citronella Acid: Litra can emit and spit a steady stream of thin green bolts of highly toxic and extremely hot citronella acid from her beak. Moderately strong, this acid is very potent, as it is powerful enough to be capable of melting and eating away at the flesh of this it his but it can kill her if she uses it too much as it drains Litra's life energy each time it is used.
  • Fire Attack: Litra can launch powerful, missile-strength fireballs of fire from her beak/mouth, she can fire them in rapid succession as well.
  • Fire Litra Transformation: When ordered to, Litra can engulf her body in flames in order to enter her Fire Litra form.

Fire Litra
Phinx ltr

Fire Litra

When needed, Litra (S) can transform into "Fire Litra." In this form, her feathers become more warm in colors and her fire powers are greatly enhanced.

  • Height: 15 m
  • Weight: 10,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Boris
  • Attack: 600 (Galaxy), 1100 (NEO)
  • Defense: 800
  • Speed: 1500 (Galaxy), 1700 (NEO)
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Being a giant bird, Fire Litra can fly/soar through the skies at high speeds.
  • Fire Strike (ファイヤーストライク Faiyā Sutoraiku): Litra can engulf her body in flames, and then create and launch a whole fire replica of her body at her foes. This fire attack is very powerful and is extremely hot which, if swallowed by an opponent, can burn them from the inside out.
  • Double Impact (ダブルインパクト Daburu Inpakuto): A tag-team attack with Litra. Litra first coated itself with flame and fly towards the enemy before Gomora impaled them with its horn and unleash the Super Oscillatory Wave. This attack is available in the arcade game ULTRA MONSTERS.


  • Much like her appearance in Ultra Q, Litra's main colors in this series are grayscale.
  • This is the first time in the series in which Litra would be rendered in CGI, as opposed to puppetry.
  • Due to the size of monsters in this series, Litra's length was boosted to 15 meters as opposed to her original 5. To differentiate from this previous appearance in Ultra Q, this Litra is referred to as "Litra (S)" (Litra Special) by Tsuburaya. This was also done to her species' natural enemy, Gomess.
  • Her battle against Juran, and her battle against Golza alongside Gomora was referenced by the Spark Dolls Troupe in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 16.
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