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"Red Fight!"

―Redman's catchprase, which he says before beginning most of his battles

Redman (レッドマン Reddoman) is a peace-loving warrior[1] from Planet Red in the Red Nebula. He is the main protagonist of the Redman TV series and Redman comic book. While he fights for peace, Redman is known for his extremely straightforward-yet-brutal fighting style, and prefers finishing opponents rather than sparing them, often using extremely powerful physical techniques in conjunction with his set of weapons to bring down his targets in record time.

Fighting Style

In comparison to Ultraman, Redman's fights are typically far more aggressive and powerful, and Redman relies mostly on brute force and vicious slashes with his weapons, as opposed to the elegantly choreographed punches and kicks that are associated with the Ultra Warriors.

Redman specializes in hand-to-hand combat. He usually weakens his opponent with punches and kicks and finishes them off with his weapons. Due to the series' low budget, Redman rarely used beam attacks, opting instead to use his strength and sheer force to overpower his opponents. He also has some techniques which are used less frequently, such as stabbing a monster with a Red Arrow or Red Knife while riding on it[2], decapitating a monster with a Red Knife and bashing a monster's head repeatedly on the ground before breaking its cervical spine by turning its head backwards[3].

Redman earned the nickname Red Killer (赤い通り魔 Akai Tōrima) from fans of the series for his tendency to use extreme aggression and brutality against his opponents. The following are a number of cases:

  • While some monsters displayed the intention to kill Redman, some were not seen doing any evil, only wandering through the forest. After Redman spots a monster, they will be forced to battle, even chasing after monsters who are not willing to fight.[4]
  • After a monster has already fallen unconscious, Redman has been seen to pierce it with a Red Arrow to ensure it does not survive. If there are multiple monsters, he may impale them one by one.[5]
  • Dragging a monster which had already been killed to the side of a cliff and throwing it down with the Red Fall.[6]
  • He often kills monsters with brute force such as beating them to death.



Redman's history and backstory were not stated in his series itself, but magazines stated that Redman was an alien that came to Earth after invaders destroyed his home planet and merged with Officer Sakomizu of the SIA.

Redman Comic

Redman returns as the star of the comic penned by Matt Frank.

As a seeming sequel to the original series, Redman has continued his endless crusade to cull the seemingly infinite amount of monsters and aliens sent after him, having actually never set foot on Earth and instead has been on an unknown planet for the last 47 years. Throughout the comic, it seems the hero has finally started to question the purpose of his hunt. He finishes off some enemies in less brutal fashion or other cases like letting Alien Icarus escape and even sparring the normal Kanegon as it awaits death out of respect for its will to live. This is to the dismay of his mysterious watchers, the Cicada Humans who have been filming and broadcasting him for years. In response to his defiance of the routine, they send new enemies his way such as volcanic avian Birdon and hybrid beast Gesubira to force him back into it. As of volume 2, time will only tell if Redman can finally achieve a happy ending after all of these years.


Redman Render.png


  • Height: 1.8 ~ 42 m
  • Weight: 90 kg ~ 30,000 t
  • Age: 22 years old in human age
  • Home World: Red Nebula, Planet Red
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 5
  • Maximum Running Speed: 900 km/h
  • Time Limit: Because Redman uses sunlight as his energy source, he has no time limit. However, during the night and when raining he can only fight with half his strength. He can only fight for 30 minutes during noon. No time limit was ever shown in his series since most of his battles start and end within just a few minutes, and every battle was recorded with the sun out.

Body Features

  • Body Armor: Redman's body is 20 times stronger than steel. This allows him to survive in the vacuum of space and withstand temperatures in excess of 300,000 degrees Celsius.
  • Red Ear (レッドイヤー Reddo Iyā): Redman's antanae-like ears can hear sounds from 300 ㎞ away.
  • Belt: Redman has a belt which seems only to be used to fire the Slice Cutter.


  • Red Knife (レッドナイフ Reddo Naifu): Redman can create a combat knife which he can fling at the enemy or use it to slash enemies. The results vary from explosion to impalement. It seems to vary in strength, sometimes it can be blocked by the monsters' bare hands but a single explosion from it can kill five monsters at once.
    • Red Shot (レッドショット Reddo Shotto): Exlplosive bullets fired from the tip of the Red Knife.
  • Red Arrow (レッドアロー Reddo Arō): Redman has a spear similar to Ultraman Jack's Ultra Cross which is usually stored in small size, but can be enlarged at will and used to stab enemies.



  • Slice Cutter (スライスカッター Suraisu Kattā) (Unused): A cutter which is fired from the centre of his belt.
  • Red Thunder (レッドサンダー Reddo Sandā): Redman can shoot a white beam at his opponents.
  • Red Fire (レッドファイヤー Reddo Faiyā) (Unused): A 60,000°C fireball launched from his hand.
  • Red Beam Lens (レッドビームレンズ Reddo Bīmu Renzu): A beam fired from his forehead.


  • Red Punch (レッドパンチ Reddo Panchi): A standard punch attack.
  • Red Kick (レッドキック Reddo Kikku): A powerful flying kick.
  • Red Fall (レッドフォール Reddo Fōru): He lifts up and throws his opponent onto the ground or off a cliff.
  • Red Chop (レッドチョップ Reddo Choppu): A chop upon the opponent's head.
  • Red Jump (レッドジャンプ Reddo Janpu): He simply jumps into the air.


  • Cloning (分身 Bunshin): Redman can create exact duplicates of himself. Each can fight on their own.
  • Flight: Like many heroes, Redman can fly at Mach 5.
  • Teleportation: Redman can teleport to confuse his opponents.



  • Redman (Mask Collection, 2010)
    • Release Date: September 2010
    • Price: 600 yen
Released as part of the 3rd Volume of the Giants of Light Collection subline of the Mask Collection lineup, This Redman's helmet display features light-up eyes. He was released as a secret item for this lineup.

Evolution Toy


  • Redman (Hero Action Figure Series, 2018)
    • Release Date: March 2017
    • Price: 8,400 yen
    • Materials: ABS, PVC, PA
    • Accessories: 1 pair of fists, 1 pair of open hands (knife), 1 pair of open hands (relaxed), 1 pair of weapon-holding hands, Red Knife, Red Arrow
One of the first releases of Evolution Toy's Hero Action Figure Series line, Redman is a 17cm tall poseable action figure similar to Bandai's ULTRA-ACT line. He comes with his trademark Red Knife & Red Arrow weapons.





  • Kin'ichi Kusumi played the role of Mirrorman before playing Redman. Kusumi would later play Toho's Zone Figher, then Anguirus and King Caesar in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla. He also played the role of Godman in Ike! Godman as well as Zoffy and Alien Steal in Ultraman Ace. Lastly, he played Astra in Ultraman Leo.
  • Redman was shown to be very strong, being able to fight and defeat five monsters at once.[7]
  • During some of the earlier episodes, Redman's antennae would sometimes snap off during a fight.
  • The Red Arrow may have been a reused prop from Ultraman Jack's Ultra Cross, with minor modifications.
  • In the comic, its revealed that in fact the original series (at least in the universe Redman is set in) wasn't filmed on Earth but rather a separate unknown planet and everything seen is real. The Cicada Humans film and broadcast Redman's endless crusade through various cameras, even sending abominations of their own to attack him for unknown reasons.
  • In episode 13 of Ultraman Zafter accidentally eating the Ultra Medals, the money eating Kaiju, Kanegon had to envision multiple forms of Ultraman Z in order for the medals to be coughed up. Upon seeing Beta Smash Ultraman Z, Kanegon exclaimed "Eek! It's the red guy!", referencing Redman. Furthering the connection to Redman, in Sevenger Fight, Z was revealed to have his own version of Redman's Red Fall technique as part of his Beta Smash form's abilities, simply referred to as Beta Fall.


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