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Red Mons (レッドモンス Reddo Monsu) is a Kaiju who appeared in the Mirrorman series.

Subtitle: Killer Monster



One night in a city a female Invader gave chase to a woman named Risa Okano. The chase stopped after Risa encountered Kyotaro who took her back to the SGM base. The next day Risa revealed to Kyotaro she herself was an Invader that went AWOL being chased by her own sister and even explained how Invaders had glass lenses that allowed them hide their eyes. Risa begged for help while her sister was tasked with slaying her before the Invaders could launch a missile. Meanwhile, the SGM detected strange waves from the Keihin factory district and investigated only to find nothing out of the ordinary. Risa's sister attacked her with a green energy beam from her guitar, Kyotaro engaged her only for the Invader to teleport away while stating her kind does not forgive traitors and that her laser gun will cause Risa's organs to weaken. Hours later Jumbo Phoenix was launched to find the source of the strange waves. Risa could tell it was an Invader code that consisted of a space ship contacting a hidden base, specifically delivering a missile to central Tokyo within the next hour. Jumbo Phoenix flew over the district while Kyotaro investigated on the ground, quickly encountering Risa's sister. The hero was then knocked out by a rock to the back of the head by a male Invader to buy the plan more time before the missile launched. The giant missile soon was revealed from within a fake smokestack about to launch. Risa teleported to the base to help Kyotaro only to then die of organ failure.

Enraged, Kyotaro used the back of Risa's cross to become Mirrorman, forcing her sister to reveal her true form of the monster Red Mons. Both Mirrorman and Red Mons clashed in melee, the hero using kicks and chops while the monster used her horns. The giant missile was about to launch as Red Mons used her pendulum tail to swing at the hero only for him to dodge it. Red Mons held Mirrorman at bay with her electric shocks from her head horns, allowing her to drag the stunned hero away from the missile. The Mirror Knife was used in the alien monster's face, allowing Mirrorman to throw the giant missile at her where it exploded. Red Mons roared in pain while Mirrorman used the Slicer H to slice off her tail, allowing him to overpower her. The fight ended when Mirrorman blew Red Mons to pieces with the Silver Cross, leaving only her glasses from her disguise.


  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 31,500 t
  • Origin: Planet X
Powers and Weapons
  • Head Horns: Red Mons is armed with a pair of bladed horns on her head ideal for ramming into foes. These can also emit green electric shocks.
  • Pendulum Tail: Red Mons has a pendulum blade on the end of her tail.


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