From left: Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Fake Ultraman, Ultraman 80, Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultraman type a, Robot Ultraseven

Real Action Hero Series (RAH) are figures that were released by Medicom Entertainment. These figures were released in the year 2008-2014. These figures have many articulation points including arms, legs, joints. Also added with changing hands just like the Ultra-Act series.

Difference with other Ultraman merchandise

The difference between RAH and other Ultraman merchandise is that the RAH figures are actually dolls inside latex suits, thus making the toys harder, as the dolls inside are made of hard plastic. The RAH themselves are also very fragile, as one wrong move, and the latex "suit" rips.

List of Toys


  1. Ultraman (Type A)*
  2. Ultraman (Type B)*
  3. Ultraman (Type C)*
  4. Ultraseven *
  5. Zoffy
  6. Ultraman Jack *
  7. Ultraman Ace
  8. Father of Ultra
  9. Mother of Ultra
  10. Ultraman Taro
  11. Ultraman Leo
  12. Astra
  13. Ultraman King
  14. Ultraman 80  
  15. Ultraman Tiga (Multi-Type) (Under Project BM)
  16. Ultraman Dyna (Flash-Type) (Under Project BM)
  17. Ultraman Zero  (Under Project BM)
  18. Ultraman Zero (Ultimate Zero variant) (Under Project BM)
  19. Ultraman Mebius (Under Project BM)
  20. Ultraman Hikari  (Under Project BM)
  21. Ultraman Hikari (Hunter Knight Tsurugi variant) (Under Project BM)
  22. Ultraman Belial  (Under Project BM)
  23. Ultraman Belial (Kaiser variant) (Under Project BM)
  24. Darklops Zero  (Under Project BM)


  1. Garamon
  2. Kanegon *
  3. Alien Baltan *
  4. Alien Zarab
  5. Imitation Ultraman (Zarab)*
  6. Jamila
  7. Dada
  8. Alien Mefilas
  9. Zetton
  10. Alien Metron
  11. Alien Guts
  12. Alien Pegassa
  13. King Joe
  14. Alien Nackle
  15. Ace Killer
  16. Alien Magma


  1. Shin Hayata *
  2. Akiko Fuji
  3. Toshio Muramatsu
  4. Dan Moroboshi
  5. Dan Moroboshi (MAC Captain Variant)
  6. Anne Yuri  
  7. Anne Yuri (Nurse Variant)
  8. Hideki Go *
  9. Seiji Hokuto
  10. Gen Otori
  11. Rena Yanase (under Project BM)
  12. Shin Asuka (under Project BM)
  13. Mirai Hibino (under Project BM)


  1. Return of Ultraman (DAICON)
  2. Brother's Mantle (under Project BM)
  • - Re-released under Renewal Edition


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