Rayblood (レイブラッド Reiburaddo) is the twelfth episode of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.


Mega Monster Battle File

  • Oki: Mega Monster Battle File. Today we're gonna talk about the legendary giant! Ultraman! Ultraman is a hero who needs to defeat his enemies within a short amount of time. He is the eternal hero who fought to protect the Earth and mankind!
  • Kumano: Oki, do you want to meet Ultraman?
  • Oki: No, I'm fine. I'm not really that...
  • Kumano: Come on. Next episode will be the climax. Let's go energetically!
  • Oki: Yeah.
  • Kumano: Cheer for us!


Suit Actors




Reionics Kaiju

Ordinary Kaiju

Home Media

  • Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Volume 7 features episodes 12-13.


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