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"These are just stone pillars, but you could also say that they're the embodiment of the universe's structure. And if the universe is a photocopier that copies your thoughts..."
"Then these stone pillars are the universe's structure?

―"Kanemitsu" and Kaji.

Rahakam Stone (ラハカムストーン Rahakamu Sutōn) is a sentient OOPArt that appeared in Heisei Ultraseven.


Heisei Ultraseven

The Rahakam Stone came to existence since 12,000 years prior during the era of Mu civilization. The stone was used by the underwater civilization to replenish their inhuman capabilities. However, mankind's ancestors had stopped revering to the stone after they started to explore the surface world and the stone was forgotten alongside the civilization.

The Rahakam Stone resurfaced in Isihidate City, Tokyo, in the present day due to the thoughts of mankind's current generation. The stone used it's power to grant everyone's wishes, including the creation of a Yutaka Kanemitsu clone under Haruka's wish. Although it was regarded by the townspeople as a divine blessing, 30 cases of deaths were also reported and this forced the police to label the stone as a restricted area.

While the Kanemitsu impostor was seen resonating to the stone, Kaji approached the man and label him as an alien. The stone speaks through "Kanemitsu" to reveal his origin and berating mankind's ancestors for abandoning it in the past. Mirroring the concept of Rahakam Stone as a photocopier, “Kanemitsu” transformed into “Kaji” to torment the real one over his warlike tendency. Kaji’s paranoid of King Joe being misused lead to the stone disappearing and eventually granting his wish as a its last laugh. The stone's power hacked King Joe II into a rampaging spree until it was scrapped by Ultraseven.


  • Origin: Mu civilization, 12,000 years prior
Powers and Weapons
  • Plasma Manipulation: As Rahakam Stone is a self-proclaimed photocopier of human thoughts, it is capable of granting wishes of nearby civilians. This action is done by plasma manipulation, hence a high concentration of plasma energy in any areas within the Rahakam Stone's vicinity. In addition, this power can also be extended to a small fraction of the stone as well.
    • Probability Manipulation: Part of the stone's ability is to manipulate events and even the thoughts of other people according to the wish it was supposed to grant. For instance, it was able to perfectly create Keisuke Shima's accident through Satomi's cursing over the stone.
    • Human Clone: The Rahakam Stone is able to construct a perfect clone of Yutaka Kanemitsu, one that is far nicer than the real human himself. The Kanemitsu clone is also the Rahakam Stone's method of communication and is able to assume a different human form, such as Kaji.
    • Hypnosis: The stone mind-controlled the real Kanemitsu into leaving his house and hid him somewhere else while his kinder clone took his place.
    • Hacking: By reflecting on Kaji's "wish" that King Joe II is a weapon of destruction, Rahakam Stone is capable of rewriting the robot's programing into a rampaging spree against mankind.
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