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The Radical Destruction Bringer[1][2] (根源的破滅招来体 Kongen-teki Hametsu Shōrai-tai) is the main antagonist of Ultraman Gaia. It is an unseen presence from space that orchestrated most of the events leading up to the attempted destruction of the human race, by controlling monsters to attack the Earth, or by manipulating humans.

The arrival of the Radical Destruction Bringer was predicted 500 years before the event of the series' current events by the sorcerer Kijuro Mato. This led to the founding of the world wide defense organization GUARD and its Kaiju defense team XIG.


Ultraman Gaia

The Radical Destruction Bringer is a universal protector, intent on bringing peace to the universe. While it is never seen, the Radical Destruction Bringer is known to use wormholes to send monsters down to Earth. While the Radical Destruction Bringer does have its own armada of monsters, they also manipulate other Kaiju and aliens into invading the Earth, even Kaiju and other civilizations from the Earth itself have been used by them.

They also have used psychological warfare on their enemies, such as on Hiroya Fujimiya and members of XIG, manipulating them to either turn their backs on their fellow man, cause them to lose their spirit to continue resisting, or even making them believe that they should kill themselves off for humanity's benefit.

It is because of the Radical Destruction Bringer that Hiroya Fujimiya believed that humanity would become the actual "Radical Destruction Bringers", due to it having the Queen Mezard implant a virus into Fujimiya's photon computer, Crisis. This is the event that pushes Fujimiya into trying to communicate with the Earth, which leads to him achieving the Light of Ultraman Agul. Later after Fujimiya regained his faith in humanity the Radical Destruction Bringer tried once again to manipulate him into turning back on humanity, sending the Deathbringer to attempt to convince him that mankind was actually a pathogen of the universe, and that they were only trying to cure the universe so that every living thing in the universe including the Radical Destruction Bringer itself would be safe.

After Gaia and Agul were victorious in destroying Zog, the Radical Destruction Bringer never attacked the Earth again. However, Gakuzom, one of its agents, remained on the Earth and rampaged some time after the defeat of Zog.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Wormhole Creation: The Radical Destruction Bringer can create wormholes to send monsters through.



  • The Radical Destruction Bringer bears some similarities to the Chaos Header and Delacion.
    • All three are powerful beings whose influence stretches across the known universe.
    • All three intend to protect the universe in some way (although Chaos Header only followed this intention once he was purified)
    • All three have seen Earth as a threat to universal peace.


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