"Kiwami Crystal!"

―Activation announcement for Kiwami Crystal.

"The power of brothers become one!"

―Transformation announcement for Kiwami Crystal.

"Rise Up! The Ultimate Power!"

―Finisher announcement for Kiwami Crystal

"Makoto Crystal!"

―Activation announcement for Makoto Crystal.

"Overlap! The Three Souls!"

―Transformation announcement for Makoto Crystal.

"Shine! The Light of Hope!"

―Finisher announcement for Makoto Crystal

The R/B Crystals (ルーブクリスタル Rūbu Kurisutaru) are the collectible items in Ultraman R/B. When not in use, they are stored in the R/B Crystal Holder and/or R/B Crystal Collection Case.


Pre-Ultraman R/B

A long time ago, Grigio and her brothers climbed up the Warrior's Peak of Planet O-50, where they received the Gyros and R/B Crystals.

1300 years ago, Grigio (as Grigio Bone) alongside Ultraman Blu and Ultraman Rosso crashed down towards Earth after being defeated by Reugosite. The Ultras dispersed into R/B Crystals and left their sister behind, who mourned over their deaths.

Ultraman R/B

In modern times, the crystals are used by Katsumi Minato and Isami Minato, the human hosts of the aforementioned Ultras, and Makoto Aizen himself, who is plotting against the heroes.

The crystals of Ultraman and Belial were shown to be in the hands of Saki Mitsurugi, who later gives them to Asahi Minato. Although Katsumi and Isami previously failed to harness the crystals' power while fighting Grigio King, they were able to do so during the rematch and transform into Ultraman Ruebe via the Kiwami Crystal.

Although Mio Minato suceeded in sealing Reugosite into a R/B Crystal, Saki claimed the crystal while revealing her intentions of summoning Reugosite to destroy it alongside herself and the Earth. Reugosite’s crystal activates itself after Ruebe was defeated by Grigio Regina, cancelling out Saki's transformation and assume its true form via Saki's Gyro. Once Asahi realized her origins being the embodiment of the Makoto Crystal, she transformed into it after defending her brothers and they finally destroyed Reugosite via the Shin Vortex Buster.


Each crystals function differently according to its power containment:

  • Ultra: The R/B Crystals that contain the powers of Ultra Warriors allow Rosso and Blu to access different forms based on elemental powers. Additionally, they can also channel the crystals' powers through their R/B Sluggers. For this to work, the Minato brothers need to flip its horns based on their Ultramen counterparts. In certain cases however, there are crystals which that yield different results upon activation. One such example being the Orb Origin Crystal, which transforms into the Orb Ring NEO. The R/B Crystal can be used to summon its corresponding representative Ultra Warrior, as seen with Tiga in Ultra Heroes Expo 2018's stageshow.
  • Kaiju: These crystals so far only representing the embodiment of a Kaiju. Through the Gyro, they can either be summoned or transformed from their user. A summoned Kaiju would only be regressed to their crystals should they be defeated or commanded to retreat, whereas transformed version allows their user to revert at will. Makoto shows no necessity to flip the crystals' horns, since he is not an Ultraman by natural means.


The attributes have returned since Ultra Fusion Cards and like its counterpart, it symbolize their specialities and association from their respective elements. However, each Crystal's elemental attribute is unique to itself, and the elemental powers of many characters were swapped around, or were replaced by new ones. For a full list, please see R/B Crystals/List of Crystals.

Known existing Crystals




  • Blank crystal


  • The R/B Crystals' outer frame resembles both Rosso and Blu's Color Timers.
  • The damaged Orb Origin Crystal's outer frame resembles the X Devizer after being struck by Zaigorg's red lightning beam.
  • It's worth noting, that the crystals which depict pictures of their respective Ultra Warriors don't actually contain the Ultra's powers. This is in contrast to the former New Generation items.
  • Unlike most other R/B Crystals, the Kiwami Crystal only has the face of Ruebe instead of an entire upper body shot. The horns are also folded forwards instead of backwards, which form the entire face while hiding the kanji for Kiwami.
    • The Kiwami Crystal has the face of Ultraman Ruebe on the back of its middle horn and his name written in the language of M78 on the back of the side horns.
  • Exclusively in the Ultraman R/B novel, crystals depicting monsters are called Kaiju Crystals (怪獣クリスタル Kaijū Kurisutaru). On this wiki, they are not given a separate page due to them not being called those in-show or in merhandise, unlike the Kaiju Cards and Kaiju Capsules before them.
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