R/B Crystal Holder
User(s): Katsumi Minato
Isami Minato
Nature: Storage device
Powers: N/A
First Appearance: Ultraman R/B
Status: In use

R/B Crystal Holders (ルーブクリスタルホルダー Rūbu Kurisutaru Horudā) are containers used by the Minato brothers to store their R/B Crystals. Rosso's side is called the R/B Crystal Holder Rosso (ルーブクリスタルホルダーロッソ Rūbu Kurisutaru Horudā Rosso) and Blu's side is the R/B Crystal Holder Blu (ルーブクリスタルホルダーブル Rūbu Kurisutaru Horudā Buru).


It is a simple case that opens up to reveal slots that store up to four R/B Crystals. The positioning of R/B Crystals are as follows:



  • All four Ultramen that occupy the R/B Crystals are known to have associations with Ginga's host, Hikaru Raido. Additionally, they are also obtained around sometime after the Minato brothers did a selfless deed:
    • Taro and Ginga: They risked their lives to save a young boy from Grigio Bone's onslaught.
    • Tiga: They assisted Yuuha Ninomiya in constructing a pair of mechanical wings to fly.
    • Victory: They rescued Asahi after she fell in the middle of a training.
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