R/B Crystal Collection Case (ルーブクリスタルコレクションケース Rūbu Kurisutaru Korekushon Kēsu) is a container used to store the R/B Crystals. It has 11 slots opposed to the R/B Crystal Holder, which only has 4.


Ultraman R/B

At some point in time, Makoto Aizen obtained this device and the AZ Gyro through unknown means. Since then, he had used it to store the R/B Crystals he had, which were used to summon monsters. This device also contained the Orb Origin Crystal as its centerpiece, while surrounded by four Kaiju Crystals that embodies natural elements. These four crystals retain as Makoto abducted eight Gai Kurenai-like people and use their brainwave to repair the Orb Origin Crystal.

R/B Crystals

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  • The Collection Case shares its shape with the Gyros.
  • Since the centerpiece emulated the appearance of Orbcalibur, the element of the R/B Crystals required also match with the alignments. These four Kaiju's elements would be transferred to the Orb Dark Calibur wielded by Ultraman Orb Dark.
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