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Pursuit at Supersonic Speed (超音速の追撃 Chō Onsoku no Tsuigeki) is the twentieth episode of Ultraman Max.


The Bad Scanners release an album, which a monster target. Max is unable to defeat the new monster, but DASH has a plan..


DASH is testing the DASH Bird Beta (with Koba inside) above the Pacific Ocean, capable of attaining a speed of Mach 8.5. Meanwhile, the rest of team DASH listens to a new band, the Bad Scanners, until the captain comes in and shuts it off. Just then, the beta is attacked by a monster, going even faster. Connection is lost, and Mizuki and Kaito rescue him, floating in a safety,

In the city, the Bad Scanner's debut single is played on a public screen, when Halen attacks the screen and destroys it with fire. Later, Kaito and Sean theorize that the Scanner's music irritates the creature, attracting it. They plan to attract the monster with the music to defeat it. Sudenly Muziki realizes the Bad Scanners are about to have a debut concert on an outdoor state. DASH hurries to the rescue, but the Scanners have already started practicing, and the monster arrives.

DASH attacks, but Halen's speed is to great. Koba is taken down again, when Kaito runs off and transforms. After a long battle, Max engages the monster in the skies, but is no match for its speed, that is, until the captain convinces the Bad Scanners to play. The angry kaiju is distracted enough to allow Max to defeat him. The episode ends with the captain jamming to the Bad Scanners.





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  • Ultraman Max Volume 4 features episodes 11-14.
  • The episode was premiered on American television by TOKU on March 6, 2017.
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