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The Pteranodon (プテラノドン Puteranodon) was a common flying reptile in the series, Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon

Pteranodons frequently interacted with Koseidon Corps. They usually started flying away/noticing first when Alien Godmes were coming to attack. One individual stole the important Cosmo Secrets, and went back to it's nest. The Koseidon Corps tried to get it back but the reptile was not agreeing with doing so. It almost attacked them, but it was killed by an Alien Godmes attack that started right after, which also caused the Cosmo Secrets to get buried in dirt and rocks. When Sigma-1 rose from the possessed human's grave, it was immediately noticed by a Pteranodon, which flew in circles around the plant kaijin, and was alerting by roaring constantly. However, it was killed by the plant monster in the end.


  • Like in the Dinosaur Great War, all pteranodons in Koseidon shared the roar of Toho's own Pteranodon, Rodan.
  • The prop was one of the most used props in the Tsuburaya series, as it was used as Monster Pteranodon, Baton, Ptera, Terara, and Terrano in Dinosaur Great War Izenborg.
  • Pteranodons seem to be reckless, passing by the Futabasaurus pairs without any problem.


Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Like normal Pteranodons, the ones appearing in Koseidon can fly.
  • Intelligence: Compared to the other creatures and dinosaurs, Pteranodons have quite some intelligence.
  • Grasping Claws: Pteranodons can grab small objects with their claws on the legs.
  • Incredible Eyesight: Pteranodons have great eyesight, with one being able to detect Sigma-1 in the dark.


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