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Proof of a Brave Man (勇士の証明 Yūshi no Shōmei) is the third episode in the series, Ultraman Max.


Ultraman Max is regarded with some suspicion. Kaito is determined to prove the ultra, when he finds he can't transform. What is the problem?


A meeting is held for DASH. They are told that, although Max can be considered an ally for the time being, as much data on him as possible is required. Kaito protests about the Ultraman being loped with the aliens, but a signal appears on the radar: a monster under ruins in Central America. Reguila bursts from the ground and flaps his wings, causing gusts to destroy the ancient structures. It takes to the air, and DASH deploys, including Elly.

Elly explains that Reguila was worshiped as a god, while Kaito sneaks up to DASH Bird 1, ready to deploy. They engage in a dogfight with the kaiju, Kaito determined to prove that Max is a hero. He purposefully nearly collides with the monster, and attempts to transform, to find that he cannot. Soon, he is knocked from the air, into the ocean. The kaiju soon vanishes.

Kaito wakens in a hospital bed. Mizuki and the captain arrive. Mizuki guesses that Kaito was trying to put himself in danger so that Ultraman Max would come save him--correct. She then says that she cannot fight alongside one who solely depends upon Ultraman, even though she believes he is their ally.

Later, Kaito comes to realize that he tried to use Max for proof, even though all the Ultra said was that he wanted to borrow his strength. He breaks down briefly, but discovers that what he protects in happiness, not proof of heroics.

Elly discovers Reguila in Saipan, burrowing under the ground. It takes off in the air, towards Japan. DASH and the kaiju engage in another dogfight, right outside Base Titan. Soon the monster is grounded, but flaps its wings, causing bursts of destructive wind.

Koba and Sean are knocked out of the air, but Kaito arrives in the DASH Car and saves them by firing missiles at the monster. It chases him, but just when all seems lost, the Max Spark glows, and Kaito transforms. Max manages to defeat Reguila, and Kaito apologizes to DASH for his reckless behavior.





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Ultraman Max Volume 1 features episodes 3-6.


  • This episode was later featured in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 86 "Rise, Max! Proof of a Brave."
  • The episode was premiered on American television by TOKU on February 28, 2017.
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