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Project Ultraman was a planned Ultraman series produced by Thai company Chaiyo Productions, part of a multimedia franchise including not only a show, but also a feature film and several high-production live shows.

Originally meant to air on Channel 7 HD in Thailand and on other stations across Asia and Europe, the broadcast was suspended due to the legal disputes between Tsuburaya and Chaiyo Productions, which eventually led to the franchise being cancelled.


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In the near future, a massive collision event with a meteorite causes the Earth's axes to shift drastically, plunging the planet into a climate crisis and turning one-third of its landscape into barren wasteland, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction. 

Fifteen years later, mankind makes steady progress towards recovery, led by a coalition of masked leaders from the mysterious organization S, who establish the Earth Defense Force and BASE 64 to protect Earth against malicious threats. When thirteen alien monsters emerge and launch their assault against humanity, a critical situation triggers a young man's transformation into Ultraman Millennium, and the battle for the Earth begins.



  • Neil
  • Nolan
  • Ekin

Earth Defense Force

High-Ranking Officers

  • Unnamed commander
  • Unnamed officer


  • Mary
  • Dr. Watanabe


  • S



  • Maryway
  • Alien Elubo
  • Other unnamed monsters


  • Neil / Matthew Deane
  • Nolan / Ray MacDonald
  • Ekin / Ekin Cheng
  • Mary / Paula Taylor
  • Unnamed commander / Sa-Ard Piempongsan (สะอาด เปี่ยมพงศ์สานต์)
  • Unnamed officer / Zhao Jian (赵健)
  • Dr. Watanabe / Kazuki Yano (Yano Kazuki 矢野かずき)
  • Unknown roles[1]
    • Nirut Sirijanya (นิรุตติ์ ศิริจรรยา)
    • Jirawat Manaviboon (จิรวัฒน์ มานะวิบูลย์)
    • Thanaphon Yampraipirom (ธนพล แย้มพรายพิรมย์)
    • Jowatanaporn Puengpien (โจวัทนพร พึ่งเพียร)
    • Sakayawat Wongratakamon (ศักยวัชร์ วงศ์รัตนกมล)
    • Pawat Chusuwan (ภวัฒน์ ชูสุวรรณ)


  • Producer: Sompote Saengduenchai
  • Director: Perasit "Pete" Saengduenchai
  • Chief Designer: Siridej Sirisomboon[2]


Live Show

Main Theme
  • Where Is Ultraman!?[3]
    • Artist: Pathompong "Pong" Sombatpiboon (ปฐมพงษ์ สมบัติพิบูลย์ ) (SMF)
Insert Theme

Legal Disputes

Main article: Ultraman Series/Licensing Disputes

Stage Shows

  • Ultraman Millennium Live Show in Bangkok (2001)
  • Ultraman World Tour (planned, cancelled)
  • Ultraman Thailand Tour (2003)
  • Ultraman Live Show 4D (2004)

Theme Park

Before the cancellation of the franchise, the construction of the Ultraman Theme Park, which would have been built in the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya, was in the works. Currently, a giant dilapidated Ultraman mask stands at its entrance. [4]


  • It is worth noting that the Project Ultraman television show, if successful, would have been followed up by a movie introducing four more Thai Ultras created by Chaiyo Productions. To this day, it is unknown what these four Ultras would have looked like.
  • Setting aside the fact that it was an illegal production, Project Ultraman would have been one of the most ambitious ventures in the franchise's history:
    • features an ensemble cast of famous Thai, Hong Kong and Chinese celebrities;
    • filming in locations across the world (Gobi Desert, Tibetan mountains, Thailand, etc.)[5]
    • Hollywood staff working on special effects and CGI;
    • international broadcasting in more than 10 countries;
    • and the construction of a USD$25.3m theme park in Thailand's capital[6].


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