Pride of a Warrior (孤高の戦士 Kokō no Senshi) is the third episode of Ultraman Ginga S. This episode marks the first appearance of Ultraman Ginga's Strium form.


Sho asking his mother whether to trust or be friend with Ginga or Hikaru. Her mother tell him that it is his choice to choose weather he should or not. Sakuya and Repi tricks the Victorians Guard and set foot on outside, they went to the Market streets while Sakuya looking at the beautiful clothes for women, Repi found a box of Chocolate bar that his brother, Sho like's. But a red meteor suddenly come and reveal it's as Inpelaizers. Several of them destroy the city while been command by Android One Zero and Alien Guts Vorst.

Hikaru and Arisa appeared on the situation but Hikaru ran off somewhere. He transformed into Ginga to battle the Inpelaizers but he only got to destroy two of them while many of them he was shot down and overpowered. Arisa and Gouki arrive at the city when they saw Sakuya and Repi are the only civilians that stay. Arisa and Gouki tried to shot the Inpelaizer, Ginga ran and use his back as a shield to protect Arisa, Gouki, Sakuya and Repi. 

After a while, Sho again meet with the Inpelaizer that he couldn't save Ginga. He transform into Ultraman Victory to battle the Inpelaizer. He Ultlance into EX Red King Knuckle and then later Eleking Whip, able to destroy many of the Inpelaizer before he was shot and overpowered by King Joe Custom. Victory tried to fight back but he was defeat and was shot back away kilometers from King Joe. Hikaru and Tomoya once again meet with Taro who is in Spark Doll form, Taro have a short chat with Hikaru and granting him the Strium Brace.

Hikaru return in the battle as Ginga protecting Victory. After he was given courage word by Arisa and Gouki, Ginga stand up and transform into his new, Ultraman Ginga Strium. Using several of the Ultra Brothers power, Specium Ray and Strium Ray to finish the remaining amount of Inpelaizer, Ginga Strium strike back King Joe with the Wide Shot.





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  • Ultraman Ginga S Volume 1 Features episodes 1-3
  • Ultraman Ginga S Blu-Ray Box I features episodes 1-8.
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