Pride of GUYS (GUYSの誇り Gaizu no Hokori) is the tenth episode of Ultraman Mebius.


GUYS has a plan to defeat Bogarl without causing huge damage to humanity. But it may be necessary to sacrifice Mebius for their goal to be accomplished...


Tsurugi advances on Bogarlmons, but Ryuu fires at him, causing him to pause. The monster escapes. Mirai finds the wounded Serizawa, who tells him he must get his revenge. Meanwhile, GUYS plans to trap Bogarl in a magnetic field on an uninhabited island and barrage her with missiles. GUYS Japan will act as support for GUYS Ocean. Unfortunately, if Mebius or Tsurugi arrive, there would be no way for them to escape.

Ryu plans to defeat Tsurugi himself, while Crew GUYS tries to figure out a way to save Ultraman Mebius. They determine to allow a hole to be opened briefly in the magnetic field, allowing Mebius and Tsurugi to escape. Mirai convinces Ryu that Tsurugi will give up Serizawa's body. Bogarl tries to attack Phoenix Nest, but Mirai lures her away in the Gun Winger, to the operation point.

Mirai makes it inside the enclosure before GUYS Ocean emits the magnetic field, trapping Bogarl. The missiles have little effect, and Mebius and Tsurugi arrive. The two manage to beat down the monster, but Tsurugi sacrifices himself. Mebius manages to escape with him. He passes out, but the Mother of Ultra appears.





Home Media

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  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 3 features episodes 9-12.


  • This episode was later featured in Ultraman Retsuden episode 51 "Pride of GUYS! Tsurugi's Determination!!".
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