The Plasma Zero-let (プラズマゼロレット Purazuma Zero-retto) is a special bracelet-type Ultra Taiga Accessory that Ultraman Taiga uses to perform his additional finishers based on Ultraman Zero's beam techniques.


Ultraman Taiga

The Plasma Zero-let was given to Taiga by Ultraman Zero to defeat Imit-Ultraman Belial.


  • Taiga Emerium Blaster (タイガエメリウムブラスター Taiga Emeriumu Burasutā): Taiga fires a blue laser from his forehead, similar to Zero's Emerium Slash.
  • Wide Taiga Shot (ワイドタイガショット Waido Taiga Shotto): An "L" style beam similar to Ultraman Zero's Wide Zero Shot.
  • Taiga Dynamite Shoot (タイガダイナマイトシュート Taiga Dainamaito Shūto): Taiga fires a rainbow colored beam from his whole body. It combines the Ultra Dynamite with the Zero Twin Shoot, creating an extremely powerful finisher.



  • The design of the bracelet is based on Ultraman Zero's Ultimate Bracelet and its opening function is based on the latter's evolved form, the Saga Brace.
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