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Plasma Type 100 (プラズマ百式 Purazuma Hyakushiki) is an experimental prototype spacecraft developed by the TPC.

Subtitle: ZERO Drive Tester (ゼロドライブテスト機 Zero Doraibu Tesuto-ki)


The jet was piloted by Kazuma Asuka (Shin Asuka's father) who proceeded in a Zero Drive navigation plan. After Kazuma's disappearance into a mysterious light, the jet was located near Pluto.

Years later, the kaiju Gaigareid set itself on a collision course for Super GUTS' base on the moon. With no alternative Shin set out in the prototype spacecraft used for breaking the speed of light in order to stop the course of the creature. With the Zero Drive and Shin's determination he managed to destroy the meteor but Gaigareid still had momentum carrying him through space and blasted Shin as he passed him by. Despite this however, Shin was able to complete the Zero Drive task which his father never did. In the Light of Destiny

After Dyna was sucked into the wormhole created by Gransphire's destruction, Kazuma was reunited with Shin, boarding a GUTS Eagle Alpha-Superior and flying towards the light. Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow...


  • Final Mega Launcher (ファイナルメガランチャー Fainaru Mega Ranchā): A launcher containing a high-power missile. It is tremendously powerful, capable of destroying an asteroid with a diameter of 200 kilometers.


  • Its name is a reference to the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki, a Mobile Suit from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.