Planet Sturm (ストルム星 Sutoromu Sei) is the home world of the Alien Sturm, Kei Fukuide's race.


Pre-Ultraman Geed

Planet Sturm was once a beautiful planet with its rich culture. However, it is destroyed by "savages". The planet still burns to this day as it is now a burning wasteland.The Sturm's Light

At the midst of Planet Sturm's destruction during the events of Omega Armageddon, Belial saved Kei Fukuide from the planet and gave him a purpose the exist, since then Kei pledged his loyalty and devoted his life to the dark Ultra. The Fragments of Hope

Ultraman Geed

As stated by Moa Aizaki, the planet's light can still be seen from Gusuku castle grounds in Okinawa once every 30 years. This light is used to permanently enhance by Kei to permanently strengthen his Sturm Organs.


  • It was unknown how did Planet Sturm and its inhabitants perish. Judging from Kei's own words, it is heavily implied to be a result of Belial's own conquest or a massive civil war.
    • It was revealed that the battle between Belial, the Darkness Five and his new army called Terror The Belial was also another factor the caused the destruction of Planet Sturm.
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