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Planet Sorkin (惑星ソーキン Wakusei Sōkin) was a planet in the vicinity of the Land of Light that exploded prior to the events of Ultraman: The Adventure Begins. While Sorkin is already destroyed by the events of the film, its wreckage crossed the Milky Way in the form of meteorites, with a set of the objects bringing a group of monsters to Planet Earth.


Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

At an unknown point in the past, Sorkin, one of the several planets in Nebula M78, was destroyed through an unknown self-destruction process. Pieces of the planet ended up reaching Earth as meteorites, unleashing Garuballade, Green Shocks and Zoon in various locations around the United States of America.

After the Ultra Force defeated Garuballade and Green Shocks, and helped the peaceful monster Zoon make it back to space to find a new home, it seemed as if the threat from Sorkin's pieces was over, but the reality was far different. A fourth monster from Sorkin, King Myra, had its powers awoken in New York after being left alone at the research facility he had been taken to.

Leaving wanton destruction in his wake, King Myra was confronted by the Ultra Force, and after a long and difficult battle, the Ultra Force were victorious, seemingly ending the threat posed by the shattered planet's fragments for the time being. Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama

In Ultraman Titas' second voice drama adventure, he was sent to Planet G to investigate Ausar XIII. Ausar as then-prince had traveled to a few different planets, one of which had been Planet Sorkin. This caused him to be targeted and possessed by the Parasitic Lifeform Paraider. Returning home early with his father soon dying afterwards, leaving Ausar in charge of Planet G as its king. Paraider, in control of the now-king, transformed his personality from a gentle with a strong sense of justice to a much more ambitious one. Using his power as king, Ausar gathered his armies and commissioned the creation of giants robots known as Dairaoh Mobile Royal Soldiers under the guise of preparing defenses against aliens like the Bader Group and Inbedians. In truth, his goal was for galactic conquest.

Luckily his sister, Nephty noticed the changes her brother went through and called for Ultraman Titas to help. After a confrontation with Paraider.