Planet Rurin is the homeworld of Morks that appears in Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA. Bezelb also targeted this planet on their mission.


A Bezelb arrives and terrorizes some locals, injecting them with Kugutsu and taking control of their minds, making them fight each other. The infected are the parents of a child, who knock him away in their frenzy.

Gai and Juggler went to this planet after the former heard a cry for help from the natives, using his Orbcalibur to get there, detouring from their original path. Gai transformed into Ultraman Orb for the first time, and struggled to defeat the Bezelb, having been defeated embarassingly. Soon they would encounter the Bezelb again, and Orb managed to destroy it with help from Juggler. They later encounter a Kugutsu-infected Bemstar, and their battle takes to space, thus they leave the planet.

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