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Planet L77 (L77星 Eru Nana-ju Nana Sei) is a planet in the Leo Constellation (獅子座 Shishi-za) and was the original home planet of Ultraman Leo and Astra. However, later the planet and its civilization was destroyed by an individual Alien Magma and his kaiju twins the Giras Brothers.



Ultraman Leo

Seen in the opening title sequences of Ultraman Leo just before its destruction. In space it appears to be a blue planet; however, on its surface it appears near identical to the Earth in terms of its natural beauty. The architecture of the planet appears very similar to that of the Land of Light's.

Ultraman Story 0

In the Story 0 manga, the planet is shown to be very Earth-like in appearance. Its culture paralleled Earth's medieval European culture with castles, and a king, but had access to advance weaponry such as laser weapons. Its people were shown to be visually identical to humans.


Leo Kingdom.jpg


Ultraman Leo


  • Although known to be destroyed by Alien Magma, it is accepted by fans and implied by Astra's biography that an army of Alien Magma destroyed the planet. However Leo's dialogue in the Eng Sub says that the Alien Magma I that appeared was solely responsible with his twin monsters.