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Planet Gomerus (遊星ゴメロス Yūsei Gomerosu), also known as Space Vines, is a planet/daikaiju that appeared in Fireman.

Subtitle: Huge Monster Celestial-body (巨大怪天体 Kyodai Kai Tentai)



Planet Gomerus was a living planet that started causing global disasters to Earth. SAF researched these unpredictable events and found out it was Planet Gomerus that caused Earth these events. Gomerus unleashed Spacer on its atmosphere to see its power.

Hours later, a piece of Planet Gomerus fell to Earth and SAF found out that Gomerus was a living planet as the group discovered cells on it. The captain of SAF had a rocket to kill the rouge planet. Then he decided to let a scientist Dr. Fawaga use his rocket, Green 78 which should move Gomerus outside of Earth's orbit. Two members went with Dr. Fawaga to go to Planet Gomerus and set the rocket. Then as the trio went out of the rocket, Planet Gomerus sent tentacles from its surface to suffocate and kill Dr. Fawaga. With Dr. Fawaga passed away the two members left try to see what they can do.

Back at a Earth, the captain of SAF says to stop the Green 78 and to launch his rocket which Daiskue, the human form of Fireman, knows will cause a apocalypse to Earth. Daiskue turn into Fireman and flies to Planet Gomerus. Fireman pulls all of the tentacles off the two members' rocket. Then Planet Gomerus unleashes Spacer to fight Fireman. Gomerus launched more tentacles to choke Fireman. The two SAF members find the core of Planet Gomerus that has gone rouge so the two launch missiles to the center. Fireman finished off Spacer and as the planet cooled off, Planet Gomerus went on its regular orbital route and Fireman and the two members went back to Earth.


  • Planet Gomerus is one of the very first cases of a planet being a monster.


Powers and Weapons
  • Tentacles: Corresponding to one of its names, Planet Gomerus has deadly tentacles to destroy planets.
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