Planet Baltan is the home planet of the Alien Baltans.



Planet Baltan was a planet mentioned in episode 2 of Ultraman. One group of Baltans came to Earth in order in search of a home. They refused to inhabit Mars because of its high levels of Specium which was poisonous to them, a fact that lead to their defeat through Ultraman as his beam was composed of their only weakness. They claimed that their planet was destroyed through a faulty nuclear weapons test. Baltans later appear in many of the Showa era Ultraman Series.

Ultraman Cosmos

In Ultraman Cosmos, Planet Baltan is first seen, it is a sphere with a large chunk blown out of it and being used as a ship for Alien Baltan and the Child Baltans. It was left devastated after years of war and pollution.

Ultraman Max

Planet baltan max

Planet Baltan in Ultraman Max

Planet Baltan is not only mentioned but seen in episode 34 of Ultraman Max. The planet natives resembled humans. There were green plants and an ocean. Technology or architecture was shown to resemble Tiny Baltan's ship. Planet Baltan was similar to Earth but was ruined by nuclear civil war among the people, over how to deal with the threat the Earthlings posed to the universe.


The only known inhabitants are the Alien Baltans.

Unlike most Ultra Kaiju, the Baltans had under gone several redesigns but always maintained the same basic appearance.

In Ultraman Max, there was Tiny Baltan who represented the conservative Baltan and Dark Baltan who represented the Radical Party. Interestingly, a flashback showed that the Baltans (at least in this universe) were identical to humans, implying their more famous form are simply combat forms.

No other lifeforms have been seen. However, the robot Builgamo built by the Baltans. It is unknown if there are more like it.


  • In Malay English subs of Ultraman Cosmos, Planet Baltan is mistakenly called Planet Parastann, which was another planet, Musashi and friends visited when it flew into the solar system.
  • In the original series, Planet Baltan was destroyed by nuclear weapons to serve as social commentary against the real life threat of nuclear weapons that was even more present in people's minds at the time than it is today.
  • In the English dub of Ultraman episode 2, the Baltans claimed that a mad scientist destroyed their planet.
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