Pirika Asahikawa (旭川 ピリカ Asahikawa Pirika) is an android that was originally named Pirika 03 (ピリカ03 Pirika Zero San). She is a supporting character in Ultraman Taiga as a member of EGIS.


An android created by the scientists from Planet Eomapp to battle against the threat of Woola, Pirika was sent to Earth seven years before the series. Pirika was found and taken in by Kana Sasaki, who hid her true nature. Over the ensuing seven years to the present day, she developed a human-like personality at some point and gained a surname. I'm Pirika

At EGIS, Pirika is in charge of the cyber-security affairs and other related matters, and is mostly seen operating several computers at her dedicated desk, providing technical support to Hiroyuki and Homare, her colleagues.

When not assuming the role of EGIS' cyber genius, Pirika can be seen having girlish discussions about diet and fashion with Kana.

Pirika sacrifices herself when Woola arrives on Earth, sending her consciousness into Woola's core. I'm Pirika Instead of shutting down Woola's life processes like she was supposed to, Pirika sympathized with Woola after coming to understand what it had been through. She informs EGIS of this, and her desire to save Woola instead. Despite their best efforts, Pirika seemingly fades away after Woola is pacified though surprisingly, she is restored with a physical body once more after the crisis had ended. Buddy, Steady, Go!


  • She is stated to be 23 years old, but given her origins, it is likely a cover-up to make her identity seem less suspicious.
  • Pirika was originally portrayed by Momoka, another actress, until she was recast partway through filming due to scheduling conflicts.[1][2]
  • Pirika once said that she liked "someone" at work, and the same person told her that a person's job shouldn't decide their life. Who this person is or whether they are at EGIS never made known. The Future You Decide



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