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Pirika Asahikawa (旭川 ピリカ Asahikawa Pirika) is an android that was originally named Pirika 03 (ピリカ03 Pirika Zero San). She is a supporting character in Ultraman Taiga as a member of EGIS.


Ultraman Taiga

An android created by the scientists from Planet Eomapp to battle against the threat of Woola, Pirika was sent to Earth seven years before the series. Pirika was found and taken in by Kana Sasaki, who hid her true nature and gave her the surname "Asahikawa". Over the ensuing seven years to the present day, she developed a human-like personality at some point due to a "bug" in her programming. I'm Pirika

At EGIS, Pirika is in charge of the cyber-security affairs and other related matters, and is mostly seen operating several computers at her dedicated desk, providing technical support to Hiroyuki and Homare, her colleagues.

When not assuming the role of EGIS' cyber genius, Pirika can be seen having girlish discussions about diet and fashion with Kana.

Kirisaki attacked Pirika at the EGIS headquarters, initially targeting her to meddle with Hiroyuki's friends. However, Kirisaki saw her memories of Woola flying through space, and decided to render her unconscious instead, changing his plans to bring Woola to Earth because he found it more interesting. Withstand the Lightning Strike!

When Woola arrived on Earth, Pirika found herself unable to carry out her purpose of linking with Woola and dying along with it, due to her memories of everyone and her experiences causing a "bug". Kirisaki confronted her once more but she rejects his nihilistic ideologies. She gets to a brain wave alteration device that Maguma and Markind had, using it to alter her memories in order to perform her duty, saying that everything in the universe has a purpose. The other members of EGIS attempt to convince her not to do it, but it is too late, and she had already decided to go through with the process as herself and not just a robot, and that she will continue to live on in everyone else's memories. Pirika attempted to reach out to Hiroyuki's hand as he climbed through the electrical gate, but she disappears into light. I'm Pirika Instead of shutting down Woola's life processes like she was supposed to, Pirika sympathized with Woola after coming to understand what it had been through. She informs EGIS of this, and her desire to save Woola instead. Despite their best efforts, Pirika seemingly fades away after Woola is pacified though surprisingly, she is restored with a physical body once more after the crisis had ended. Buddy, Steady, Go! At some point she was appointed as the vice president of EGIS.

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

After being contracted by Katsumi Minato, Homare and Pirika go out to seek Alien Fanton to ask him for information on recent alien activity, and he tells them about how Grimdo was predicted to be coming to Earth. Homare was helpless as a virus had hacked Pirika through her tablet via a strange website, causing her to overheat and move uncontrollably until Daichi Oozora came along and repaired her. Later Pirika supports the others by finding Kirisaki and Ultraman Taro by locating Grimdo's Vibes Waves.

Grimdo had been defeated, the Tri-Squad separate from Hiroyuki and thank him and EGIS, before they say goodbye and leave. Pirika tells Taiga to say hello to Daichi for her. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax


Powers and Weapons
  • Processing Ability: Pirika, being an android, has processing abilities and computer skills that have been described as "inhuman". The Power to Protect Peace
  • Shutdown: Pirika was built specifically to shut down Woola's life force after linking with it, shutting herself down in the process as well.



  • She is stated to be 23 years old, but given her origins, it is likely a cover-up to make her identity seem less suspicious.
  • Pirika was originally portrayed by Momoka, another actress, until she was recast partway through filming due to scheduling conflicts.[1][2]
  • Pirika once said that she liked "someone" at work, and the same person told her that a person's job shouldn't decide their life. Who this person is or whether they are at EGIS never made known. The Future You Decide
  • Her headphones and the glowing tower-like object on her table are parts of her android body, the latter formerly being stored on the back of her hip and was used as a hard drive called the "Pirika Drive" (ピリカドライブ Pirika Doraibu).
  • Director Ryuichi Ichino explains Pirika's revival in an interview for Ultraman Taiga Super Complete Works. He states that when Taiga flew into Woola, he managed to retrieve something that contained all of Pirika's memories. Foreign Affairs X managed to communicate with the aliens who made Pirika, who sent them an empty body and managed to restore her. These scenes were skimmed over due to time restrictions.