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The Pikari Brush[1] (ピカリブラッシャー Pikari Burasshā lit. Pikari Brusher) is the device which Katsuto Asahi uses to transform into Ultraman Zearth. In the second movie, it was upgraded/replaced with the Pikari Brush 2 (ピカリブラッシャー2 Pikari Burasshā Tsū).


The origins of the Pikari Brush are unknown, but it is safe to assume it originates from the Land of Bright. After the first movie and before the second, it was replaced with the Pikari Brush 2 which performed the same functions.


Katsuto quickly brushes his teeth and raises it into the air and shouts "Zearth" like the Beta Capsule to transform into Ultraman Zearth.



  • The Pikari Brush is the only device of its kind, a toothbrush.
  • The first part of its name, Pikari, is Japanese for Sparkle. It is a reference to Zearth's home world and a reference to the idea of 'Sparkling White Teeth'.
  • It is the first transformation item to be replaced, albeit with a newer version of practically the same item.
    • The replacement of the Pikari Brush, may stem from the fact that in real life, toothbrush heads should eventually replaced after a certain amount of usage.
  • It is a parody of the original Ultraman's transformation device, the Beta Capsule.


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