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Phantom of the Snow Mountains (まぼろしの雪山 Maboroshi no Yukiyama) is the thirtieth episode of Ultraman. On the DVD release it is only called The Snowy Mountain of Illusion/The Phantom Snow Mountain.


After a ski resort experiences some trouble, the Science Patrol investigates a mysterious girl and her rumored guardian monster.


A group of men escorted Machimura after he fainted at Mt. Iida to the ski resort. He claimed to be attacked by a creature named Woo in the middle of chasing a little girl who meddled with his bear hunting spree, the monster appearing in order to protect the little girl.

Muramatsu sent Hayata, Arashi and Ide to investigate the situation out of fear that the nearby ski resort would be threatened by the monster. The Mt. Iida was popular due to constantly remain snowy even during the summer and is also declared a mystery zone. The three patrolled the Mt. Iida through skiing and suddenly found themselves lost in the area. Hayata accidentally injured his right leg after falling into the snow girl’s trap. The ski resort owner, Akita, told the story that 15 years prior, the snow girl (Yukiko) and her mother appeared in the village out of nowhere. After her mother died, she was left all alone, but was labelled as a Yuki-onna by the villagers due to her miraculously surviving the mountains. Charcoal maker Kisuke decided to adopt her until he died two years prior to the present day, leaving her all alone. Even for 15 years she settled in the village, she is still considered a pariah, a fact that is strengthened by her connection to the monster Woo.

The three SSSP members decided to spend the night at the ski resort as Ide related Yukiko’s story to how he lost his mother at a younger age. The next day, Woo appeared and started to approach the sky resort. Yukiko managed to convince Woo into retreating back to the mountains despite Machimura’s attempt at firing, but another incident of a villager falling into a trap forced the entire villagers to chase the little girl while Arashi and Ide were ordered to eliminate the monster. Hayata was forced to transform into Ultraman when Woo approached the resort once more. When Yukiko called the monster’s name, it disappeared from the scene. Yukiko at that point was already dead. Ippei theorized that Yukiko was just an illusion created by the mountains, just like Woo did and finally headed home.





Home Media

  • Ultraman Volume 8 features episodes 29-32.
  • Ultraman The Complete Series features all episodes.


  • This was the first episode to feature Ultraman's C-Type suit.
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