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"Its appearance does look like the Oil Monster Pestar that Ultraman had fought before, but its body height surpasses that of 1,000 meters. Outfitted with full set of armor and weaponry, this monster clearly looks like an annihilation weapon."

―Ultraman Taiga.

Pestria (ペストリア Pesutoria) is a gigantic mecha based on Pestar and one of the Monster Battleships in the Gua Army's possession. Unlike its other brethren, who get to appear in the live action series, Pestria only appeared in magazines and also appeared (not mentioned by name) in the Tri-Squad VoiceDrama.

Subtitle: Monster Battleship (怪獣戦艦 Kaijū Senkan)


Ultra Brothers Story: Andro Melos

In the June 1982 issue of Televi-Kun magazine, Pestria was piloted by Juda to invade Planet Epu, kidnapping the Alien Epu residents through the deployed Pesda Crews and turn the captured aliens into cyborg slaves under the Gua Army. When Andro Melos appeared and fought both the Pesda Crew and brainwashed Alien Epus, Pestria retreated from the scene.[1][2]

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama

A Pestria under Gua's command was sent to Planet Maijii to execute Imbiza, and fought against Taiga and Andro Ares. After surviving Ares' Cosmo Aura, Pestria captured the Andro Super Warrior with the Anti-Gravity Net, but Taiga obliterated it with his newly developed Ultra Beam, Strium Blaster, at full power. For Whom Is That Fist For - Part 3


  • In the duration of the Voice Drama, Pestria's name isn't explicitly stated and is only referred to as "a Monster Battleship appearing similar to Pestar". Page 80 of Ultraman Taiga Super Complete Works magazine acknowledges that Pestria was the Monster Battleship under Imbiza's "command".
    • The one described by Taiga in the Voice Drama has different features, such as the black home cannons being on Pestria's mouth and its body being covered with all sorts of armor and weaponry. It is possible that this Pestria is a variant of the one that first appeared in the 1982 Televi-Kun magazines.


  • Height: 391 m (central torso), around 1,000 m (full height, Tri-Squad VoiceDrama)
  • Wingspan: 1,525 m, 707 m (starfish-shaped wing size)
  • Weight: 6.9 million t
  • Origin: Planet Gua
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Being a giant spaceship, Pestria is capable of flying for interstellar travel.
  • Army Housing: Thanks to Pestria's large size, it can house an army of Pesda Crew foot-soldiers and even storing captured Alien Epu to be transported for brainwashing.
  • Black Hole Cannon (ブラックホール砲 Burakku Hōru Hō): Pestria has a black hole gun built on each side of the starfish "wings". The Tri-Squad Voice Drama version has a beam outfitted in its mouth.
Tri-Squad VoiceDrama
  • Interdimensional Travel: Pestria can travel in different dimensions. Upon arrival, the monster appear from a crack-like dimensional tear.
  • Armor: Pestria is covered in heavy armor. After Ares used his Cosmo Aura, the heavy armor was stripped off, revealing its inner frames and becoming vulnerable to outside attacks.
  • Cannons: Pestria's full body is covered with multitudes of cannons.
  • Anti-Gravity Net (反重力ネット Han Jūryoku Netto): An energy net used to counter the Cosmo Tectors of an Andro Super Warriors. Once trapped in the net, Pestria will unleash painful electricity to the captured victims.


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