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Perfect Robot (完璧なロボット Kanpekina Robotto) is a robot made by Exceller as part of his attack on the Land of Light. Due to technical difficulties, he turned good and was renamed as Robosuke (ロボスケ) by Hikaru/Ultraman Ginga.[1]


Ultraman Festival 2014

In order to revive the grand master, Exceller decided to attack the Land of Light with an army of reanimated Spark Dolls and past villains to steal the Plasma Spark. When Ultraman Ginga and Victory assisted the Inter Galactic Defense Force, Exceller unveiled his latest creation, the Perfect Robot to battle them. Victory easily defeated the robot but soon revealed its ability to replicate the EX Red King Knuckle and turn the tables on the Ultra Warrior. After suffering from short-circuit due to Ginga Thunderbolt and the fact that it had scanned Ginga's act of friendship, he was reactivated into a harmless robot, with his eyes and core generator turned green. Although confused by this, Ginga decided to bring the robot alongside him though Victory still remained skeptical of Ginga's actions.

The Perfect Robot (now renamed Robosuke) followed and imitated almost every of Ginga's movements and begins to study the act of friendship, such as witnessing Ultraman Tiga, Dyna and Gaia came to the World of the Land of Light Ultra Warriors' aid despite being from different universe. Ginga explained: "They are our friends, friends are important.", causing Robosuke to uttered "Friends, important.". When Exceller tried to regain control, Robosuke managed to reject his master but soon submitted to his orders when he reactivated it. Now returned, the Perfect Robot rejoined Exceller's army. Ginga tried his best to reach Robosuke out but his efforts were all in vain with Victory still proceed to fight. As Ginga nearly gives up, Robosuke regained his consciousness in the last minute before he launched a powerful beam. Deeming the robot useless, Exceller launched Super Grand King and sets the self-destruct mechanism on Robosuke. In his final moments, Robosuke uttered his famous quote, "Friends, important" before detonating. His destruction further ignite Ginga's spirit to fight against Super Grand King.[2]


  • His costume was made by modifying Alien Garut's costume. Meanwhile, a balloon prop of Victory's EX Red King Knuckle was used for Perfect Robot's version.
  • He is based on Super-Adaptoid, one of the villains of Marvel Comics franchise.


Robosuke full body.jpg

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Exceller's Spaceship
Powers and Weapons
  • Analysis: As his name suggest, Perfect Robot's main function is to analyze any targets to his liking.[3]
    • EX Red King Knuckle (EXレッドキングナックル EX Reddo Kingu Nakkuru): Through the data of Victory's Ultlance, Robosuke can turn his fist into that of EX Red King's right arm.
  • Energy Beam: Perfect Robot's strongest attack is an energy beam launched from both of his arms.