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Burnmite horn rub.png This article lacks an official name. "People of Nebula KJ-K5" is simply how it is referred to as, due to the popularity in the fandom or how it's mentioned in-story.

The People of Nebula KJ-K5 (KJ-K5星雲人 Kei Jei-Kei Go Seiunjin) are a race of aliens that resided somewhere in Nebula KJ-K5. They are known to erase civilizations that they find potentially destructive to the universe's balance.

Subtitle: Space Saboteurs (宇宙工作員 Uchū Kōsaku-in)


Ultraman Max

A collective number of KJ-K5 Nebula-people formed a mysterious group which bend on destroying warlike civilizations.

One of them was an elite cadet named Kesam, who was known for destroying multiple civilizations but after his death and failure on Earth, the group harbored a disgust over his merciful nature, even calling him a failure.

Months later, they sent another operative named Kerus, with the latter assembles another group of space saboteur cadets called Kedam as his grunts/bodyguards in his operation. Seeing UDF and DASH as an obstacle of his plan, he kidnapped Elly and used her coordinates of UDF headquarters as missile targets until DASH members saved her. With Kedam minions killed, Kerus tried to take the matters on his own until Ultraman Max killed him and destroy his missile launcher. In the end, the people of Nebula KJ-K5 ceased their attacks on Earth, never to bother the Planet again.


  • Out of all KJ-K5 aliens, it seems that only Kesam is the odd one out, as his eyes were red instead of blue.

Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama

An individual of the species, Kenis (ケニス Kenisu), did not see eye to eye with his race's one-sided ideals, so defected and joined the Galaxy Rescue Force. True to his species, he is an expert in covert operations, making him a valuable asset to the group. With Ultraman Ribut and Sora recently transferring to the organization, Kenis was introduced to them by Andro Melos during their discussion on Ribut's former Civilization Observer superior, Ultraman Max, who Kenis wished to personally meet and thank for dealing with some of his race in the past.

It is shown that Ribut's habit of announcing his connection the Galaxy Rescue Force before engaging with an opponent was down to Kenis, teaching him that doing so should cause the enemy to feel more on edge knowing that he has a large organisation backing him up. Despite being nothing more then an intimidation tactic, he claims it to be a form of negotiation.


  • Voice Actor: Seigo Yamada


  • Height: 1.8 ~ 49 m
  • Weight: 67 kg ~ 14,000 t
  • Origin: Nebula KJ-K5
Powers and Weapons
  • Space-Time Mobility Device: All Nebula KJ-K5 cadets are armed with a bracer that allows them to travel through the universe and dimensions. It also allows them to link and control other technologies. It is effectively a wormhole generator.
  • Armor: High ranking cadets can access combat armors from their gauntlets to protect themselves from harmful radiation of their bombs and to survive their interstellar travel.
  • Human Disguise: Nebula KJ-K5 People can disguise themselves as humans. When reverting to original form, they unleashes a tornado to cover their transformation.
  • Superhuman Performances: Nebula KJ-K5 People are able to perform almost all of inhuman abilities, such as:
    • Super Speed: Nebula KJ-K5 people can increase his running speed to a blurring dash.
    • Super Strength: Nebula KJ-K5 people can effortlessly lifting giant opponents of their relative size with little effort.
    • Extraordinary Jumper: Nebula KJ-K5 people can leap longer distances than what is naturally possible.
  • Beam Rifle: Lower ranking members of Nebula KJ-K5, such as Kedam, are equipped with rifles which fired laser ammunition.
  • Civilization Destroying Bomb: Being an alien that destroys entire worlds, Kesam is equipped with a large bomb that he is capable of remote controlling, turning it on and off when needed. Should the bomb go off, the blast would destroy a planet's civilization while leaving its natural environment intact.
  • Energy Wave: Nebula KJ-K5 people can launch a green shockwave for attacks and defense barrier. For once, Kesam fired a repulsion wave on Max, which was colored red.
  • Blaster: High ranking space saboteurs are equipped with handheld blaster guns, with Kerus' version is customized to launch energy bullets that temporarily removes the target's sensation.
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