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Peguila is Here! (ペギラが来た! Pegira ga Kita!) is the fifth episode of Ultra Q.


Acting as a special correspondent for the Daily News, Jun travels to Japan's base at the South Pole. Once there, he learns about the mysterious disappearance of staff member Nomura three years ago, an incident that is made more intriguing by a passage in Nomura's journal which refers to the unknown entity, "Peguila". Yoko Kuhara, staff physician and Nomura's fiance, is also stationed at the base and remains optimistic that they will find the missing Nomura. Soon, strange disturbances begin to take place, as well as a dramatic drop in the region's temperature. After Yoko overhears the staffs decision not to risk searching for Nomura, she sets out on her own to find him. When Jun and Captain Amada finally catch up with her, they find Yoko unconscious, guarded by Nomura's faithful dog, Sabu. Nearby, they find Nomura's body imprisoned in the ice, the sight of which had caused Yoko to faint. As they work to remove the body from the ice, the monster Peguila attacks but the team is able to get away unscathed. While determining how Sabu was able to survive against Peguila Jun and Yoko find coke residue on the dog's coat. From this, it is concluded that Peguimin H, a chemical extract from coke, is the monster's weakness. When Peguila reappears to attack the base, a missile containing Peguimin H is directed at the beast. Pegila is repelled by the missile and flees the South Pole.


  • Jun Manjome (万城目淳 Manjome Jun): Kenji Sahara (佐原 健二 Sahara Kenji)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Nareta): Koji Ishizaka (石坂 浩二 Ishizaka Koji)

Guest Cast

  • Yoko Hisahara (久原羊子 Hisahara Yoko): Nami Tamura (田村 奈巳 Tamura Nami)(credited as "田村奈己)
  • Amada (天田 Amada): Kappei Matsumoto (松本 克平 Matsumoto Kappei)
  • Ikeda (池田 Ikeda): Shuichiro Moriyama (森山 周一郎 Moriyama Shuichiro)
  • Ito (伊東 Ito): Toru Ibuki (伊吹 徹 Ibuki Toru)
  • Suzuki (鈴木 Suzuki): Jun Kuroki (黒木 順 Kuroki Jun)
  • Fujii (富士井 Fujii): Fusataro Ishijima (石島 房太郎 Ishijima Fusataro)
  • Inoue (井上 Inoue): Yutaka Oka (岡 豊 Oka Yutaka)
  • Crew (隊員 Taiin): Kazuo Imai (今井 和雄 Imai Kazuo)

Voice Actors

  • Suzuki (鈴木 Suzuki): Kenji Utsumi (内海 賢二 Utsumi Kenji)

Suit Actors

  • Peguila (ペギラ Pegila): Yukihiro Kiyono (清野 幸弘 Kiyono Yukihiro)(Credited by mistake for Hiroyuki Kiyono 清野弘幸)



Home Media

  • Ultra Q Volume 2 features episodes 5-8, while the Total Natural Color Blu-Ray Volume 2 features episodes 4-7.
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