Peggy Hayama (ペギー葉山 Pegī Hayama) was a Japanese actress and singer. Her real name is Shigeko Mori (森 繁子 Mori Shigeko). She voiced for Mother of Ultra and portrayed her human form, The Lady In Green, in Ultraman Taro. She was also Mother of Ultra's first voice actress.

Personal Life

Peggy Hayama was married to actor Jun Negami, who passed away in 2005 at the age of 82. Peggy nursed her husband for seven years and appeared in a number of symposia on the topic of caring for ill family members based on her experience. The two were married for 40 years. Peggy is survived by one son.


Peggy Hayama died on April 12, 2017 from pneumonia. She was 83 years old.



  • She was born on November 9, 1933, but her birth date on the family register was December 9, 1933, as the grandfather who lived at that time forgot to put out the birth notification in withdrawing it. Because this, she received a birthday gift twice when she was young.
  • From the origin of the name, "Peggy" was said from the American person of the telephone friend, who became a close friend of the friend of the friend home, "From the fact that your voice is a feeling of peggy", "Hayama" go around the resident to the student who was working part-time at the same time as "Hasegawa Kazuo to Frank Sinatra ... for entertainers, Ha line is auspicious" and it is said that, "It is true that it is true, there is no last name in Peggy alone, then It is because it was Hayama that came up with an idea as if ... ". However, she seems to have never met with an American nicknamed Peggy who got the name of a stage name.
  • She was a big fan of the Takarazuka Revue from the prewar days, especially since Reihara Kuniko and Reihara Mama have built a close relationship like parents and children.
  • Saburo Shinoda, Kotaro Higashi's actor and Ultraman Taro's first voice actor, said that "It has been over 40 years since broadcasting, but we met several times by chance, and greetings are "Mother is it" I can not forget the smile that I did, about 5 years ago in the car of the bullet train, battle with Yuichi Sugawara. Unexpectedly "You too, please do" and three people got drinking she was always kind and warm."
  • Back in the same year of Ultraman Taro, Peggy was the landlady to an apartment. One of her tenants were Ryoichi Fukuzawa, the singer of Ultraman Taro.
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