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Peace Carry (ピースキャリー Pisu Kari) is a large mobile command and transport aircraft, which acts as the field command and air support during any mission.

Subtitle: Large Transport Fighter and Command Aircraft (大型輸送戦闘機兼指令機 Ōgata Yusō Sentōki Ken Shirei-ki)


Developed by GUARD and operated by XIG, the Peace Carry is a large attack transport aircraft capable of performing reconnaissance missions and most often, as a field command unit. Similar to the Aerial Base and XIG’s aircraft, the Peace Carry has a Repulsor Lift system, which enables it to defy gravity and hover in the air. The Peace Carry has three hexagonal drop bays which are labeled "A, B and C". These bays are made to transport Container Mecha to their mission locations. The aircraft is usually piloted by Team Seagull Leader Koyama, commanded by Chief Tsutsumi and Gamu as an analyzer for missions. During the early days, Peace Carry has neither defensive nor offensive weapons. It is later refitted with a twin nose rapid-firing Hell Ticket autocannon for self-defense.


  • Airborne Warning and Control System: The jet has a large AWACS radar dish equipped on top.
  • Missile/Rocket Launcher: The jet can be equipped with missiles and rockets.
  • Bombs: The jet can drop bombs from its bays.
  • Hell Ticket Cannons: The jet has a twin rapid-firing autocannon in its nose. It can fire two types of ammunition: laser and physical rounds.
  • Container Mecha: The jet can store and drop Container Mecha from its three dropbays.