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Partel usual calling to Dr. PsychiMy friend!

Partel (パーテル Pāteru) is Alien Wraith Psychi's robot, built to support him in his plans.[1]



Built sometime prior to the series, Partel is a companion who served as Psychi's sole friend.

As the series, passed, it portrayed multiple functions, some of which proven useful to her creator. After the Queen Bezelb fell from her injuries, Partel combined both her and its creator into Psyqueen before it split them for Orb to retrieve Psychi. She was last seen protecting Shinra and Ricca from an incoming rubble, ceasing functions as a result.

Powers and Weapons

  • Levitation: Partel is capable of flying via built-in anti-gravity devices.
  • Wave Magnification: Partel is capable of strengthen Psychi's spiritual resonator should he chooses to do so.
  • Inner Maintenance: Possibly due to linked to Psychi's ship, Partel can manipulate its system to its own liking.
  • Molecular Decomposition: Partel is capable of emitting rays that decomposes the target's molecules. This can be used in a manner of invisibility (hiding Psychi's ship from Dyna) or combining beings (Psyqueen). If the targets combined, it can still separate them, though that would require the use of a holographic keyboards.
  • Super Speed: Not so much of a capability, but Partel was shown to be able to use its keyboard quickly to separate its master Psychi from Psyqueen.


  • Partel's voice actress, Riho Iida, also voiced Aki Miyashita/Agira from the web anime Kaiju Girls.


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