Parasa (パラサ Parasa) is a Parasaurolophus and Ururu's only aquatic agent.


Species: Parasaurolophus

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Powers and Abilities

  • Heat Beam: Parasa can fire a heat beam out of his mouth.
  • Chirosaurus control: Using his head crest, Parasa can control a legion of small mosasaurs called the Chirosaurus.
  • Adept Swimmer: Parasa, being semi-aquatic, can swim through the water at high speeds.


When a Japanese fishing vessel brought up a dinosaur corpse, the Aizenborg was called in to investigate. Little did they know Ururu was also investigating the same region of ocean. Calling Parasa, Ururu sent the hadrosaur to an island. Guarded by massive salt water crocodiles and the chirosaurus, the Aizenborg made its way to the island, where Parasa attacked them from a cave.

After the fishing vessle was attacked by both Chirosaurus and crocodiles, Parasa himself dove into the ocean to stop the progression of Aizenborg, and after being shot at repeatedly, both battlers disappeared under the waves, the Aizenborg surfacing first, then the two halves of Parasa, split down the middle.


  • Parasa's roar is a combination of a sped up Gamakujira from the original 1966 Ultraman, and a voice actor going 'Waaargh'.
  • Parasa's suit would be reused for many other dinosaurs including iguanodons, pacheosaurus, and ceratosaurus.


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