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"When the heavens fill with the light of sorcery, the violent god who scorches the land, Demaaga, awakens. He sets the land of the Pacific ablaze."

―Description of Demaaga, Ultraman X episode 1, A Voice From the Starry Sky.

"Maga-Basser appears, calls forth storms, and wipes away all on the land"

―Description of Maga-Basser, Ultraman Orb episode 1, The Sunset Wanderer.

"The red, horned giant sealed away the giant, malevolent beast that shakes the Earth, with the power of the dragon veins."

―Description of Maga-Grand King, Ultraman Orb episode 2, The Lord of Earth.

"The repellent giant beast Maga-Jappa appears, turning even water malevolent with the seas themselves turning foul and the stench even rising from wells."

―Description of Maga-Jappa, Ultraman Orb episode 3, Monstrous Waters.

"When two suns appear in the sky, the land will be burnt away. The false sun, it is the flames of calamity, Maga-Pandon."

―Description of Maga-Pandon, Ultraman Orb episode 4, Beware of Fire in the Midsummer Sky.

"Then, a hero appeared and sealed Orochi away and rescued her. In order to prevent the creature from ever reviving, she used the hero's power to create a barrier and has been guarding the forbidden forest ever since."

―Description of Maga-Orochi and Tamayura, Ultraman Orb episode 6, The Forbidden Forest.

"The beast, Kamaitadon, brings forth malevolent winds that cut apart any and all things."

―Description of Kamaitadon, Ultraman Orb episode 23, The Blade of Darkness.

"When an arrow like a bolt from the heavens strikes with wicked force, Orochi is reborn."

―Prophecy of Magatano-Orochi's arrival, Ultraman Orb episode 24, The Giga Lord Monster Strikes Back.

"One who reaches for the sun, with a purifying spirit, blocks Orochi's wicked spirit, becoming a demon gate."

―Prophecy of Magatano-Orochi's weakness, Ultraman Orb episode 25, The Wandering Sun.

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The Pacific Records (太平風土記 Taihei Fudo-ki) are ancient texts that holds information about ancient kaiju and some prophecies pertaining them.


Ultraman X

Xio opened up a file on their database to find out more about Demaaga, who had just emerged. Coming across ancient text from the Pacific Records, they found out the monster's name. A Voice From the Starry Sky.

Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

A page of the Pacific Records was accessed by Xio members while looking up for Zaigorg's information. Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

Ultraman Orb

With a cryptic lead left behind by a mysterious wanderer, the SSP consulted with pages of Pacific Records on the internet and discovered the perpetrator of latest destructive storms, Maga-Basser. The Sunset Wanderer Since then, they begin to rely on Pacific Records in investigating the emergence of remaining Lord Monsters and Ultraman Orb, the Giant of Light who fighting them, often caught in the fight between the titans in process. The Lord of EarthMonstrous WatersBeware of Fire in the Midsummer Sky. Through the same records, they also learned the history of Maga-Orochi, Tamayura, and a hero who saved the princess from the Lord Monster's clutches. The Forbidden Forest

Upon learning the news about a special stone called Wishing Stone which powers helps women search their ideal man ensure their happiness, Shin and Jetta browsed the info about it with Pacific Records, in which they learned the stone's dark nature: The so-called Wishing Stone is in fact, the very stone where Renki was sealed by a monk to prevent it from wreaking havoc and attacking brides in jealously. The Demon Inside of Me.

The SSP and Shibukawa consult the Pacific Records upon learning that several buildings bear large slash marks on them, and initially suspecting that Kamaitadon was responsible. Upon stumbling with Gai however, they learned that Juggler was the perpetrator of the phenomenon all along. The Blade of Darkness

Jetta and Shin later decided to visit Professor Kishine, the book’s original holder, to retrieve the copy of the Pacific Records that was thought to be lost, after the mysterious deaths of three kaiju (Demaaga, Telesdon and Gomess). At Kishine's residence, the professor's wife revealed he passed away two months prior but his wife mentioned her husband wanted the book sealed away, as revealing it at the wrong time would bring chaos to the world. Kishine's wife then entrusted the Pacific Records to the two SSP members, so they can stop an oncoming threat of Magatano-Orochi, all while revealing that she had followed the SSP site, much to their joy. The Giga Lord Monster Strikes Back

Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

A page from the Pacific Records mentions Airu Higa, Gukulushisa and the Red Steel. Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

Ultraman Z

STORAGE looks at a page from the Pacific Records, discovering that Horoboros is to reappear soon. The Lion's Cry


  • The Pacific Records has mentions of all the Lord Monsters except Magatanothor and Maga-Zetton. This is because the two did not appear in ancient Japan, instead they appeared in other countries (Ishtal Civilization and Rusalka respectively).
  • Shin Matsudo theorized that the Pacific Records in Ultraman Orb is a prediction made by ancient people, hence the accurate depiction of Magatano-Orochi's rise to power.