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This Otohime (乙姫 Oto Hime) was the young twin sister of the individual of the same name/title from the Urashima Taro tale.


Heisei Ultraseven

The younger twin sister of the Otohime of legend, Otohime came ashore after Taro broke his promise to her sister, opening the clam shaped clock she gave him. The moment that promise was broken her older sister died. She came ashore looking for him, along the way generating tachyon waves that caused time slip phenomena around the town of Tatsunomiya.

Upon first coming ashore she was tended to by Ultra Guard Member Shima, who presumed her to be lost individual. The two bonded over their shared experience of broken promises; for her Taro and her sister and for Shima his father promising to come for him when he was a child. Shima even brought her to his aunt's that she may rest the night.

Despite this, when she began generating Tachyon Waves again, he was ordered to shoot her, but could not bring himself to do so. Later on she found Taro, by moonflowers, and explained to him what had happened to her sister, and reprimanded him. She took her sister's pocket watch and cast it into the see, summoning the incarnation of her deceased sister Dairyukhai.

After Dairyuhkai had defeated the Ultra Guard and Ultraseven, her elder sister took Taro and disappeared with him to parts unknown. She and another individual (implied by his comments to have been the turtle from the story) returned to the sea, leaving as balls of light to return to the Dragon Palace.


  • She and her sister are not the first instance of the Urashima Taro myth being used in the Ultraman Series. The first 'Otohime', appeared in Ultra Q.

Powers and Weapons

  • Ageless: She did not appear to age
  • Tachyon Wave Generation: She is able to generate tachyon particles, which cause time to break down, and thus, time slip phenomena.
    • Time Slip: Via her Tachyon Particles she could cause time to break down in a local area, causing different time periods to meet and interact.
  • Energy Ball Form: She is able to transform into a ball of energy to travel to and from her home.
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