Orolan (オロラーン Ororan) is a monster that appeared in The☆Ultraman.

Subtitle: Pet Monster (ペット怪獣 Petto Kaijū)




A rubber-like monster from another world, Orolan and his young master Federico were deployed by the Heller Army and attacked Tokyo with the global defense force and Scientific Defense Guard shortly following. After a missile assault Orolan seemed to have been knocked out, but after encouragement from Federico, the dinosaur-like alien beast continued his assault, eventually downing the fighters of Kei and Choichi and forcing the latter to turn into Ultraman Joneus. During the fight Joneus became constricted by Orolan's tail and found it difficult to get the upper hand. Shortly into the fight Kei managed to scare Hadeko off with Orolan, Joneus, and the Ultria taking off after him. Joneus eventually had to stop the pursuit due to running out of energy and saw Orolan being taken by a Heller Army's ship shortly after being separated from his master.

Cyborg Orolan

After Orolan and Federico failed, the Heller fleet brought the pink monster back to their mother ship in order to enhance its devastating strength even further. Orolan was converted into a remorseless beast of destruction and set loose on Japan, Federico watched on in horror as he laid waste to the cityscape. Soon he focused its evil sights on the child and the Scientific Defense Guard. With a vengeful cry, he killed the boy, forcing Choichi to turn into Ultraman Joneus once more. The red and silver giant launched his Planium Ray right at the start of the battle, instantly vaporizing at the murderous kaiju.



Orolan N.png

  • Height: 103 m
  • Weight: 103,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Stretch: Orolan can stretch his body long distances. It can also use this ability to form itself into a flying saucer.

Cyborg Orolan

Orolan C.png

  • Height: 107 m
  • Weight: 112,000 t
  • Origin: Heller Army Titan Base
Powers and Weapons
  • Stretch: Cyborg Orolan can stretch his body long distances. It can also use this ability to form itself into a flying saucer.
  • Freeze Ray: Cyborg Orolan can launch a beam of freezing energy from his mouth.


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