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The Orb Slugger Lance (オーブスラッガーランス Ōbu Suraggā Ransu) is Ultraman Orb Hurricane Slash's trident-like weapon themed after Ultraman Jack's Ultra Lance and Ultraman Zero's Zero Sluggers, usually kept in his head in the form of twin energy Sluggers before reforming them into the Orb Slugger Lance.


  • Lance Lever (ランスレバー Ransu Rebā): The lever, which can be pulled up to three times to activate different finisher attacks.
  • Lance Trigger (ランストリガー Ransu Torigā): The red button used to activate finishers.


  • Orb Lancer Shoot (オーブランサーシュート Obu Ransā Shūto): After pulling the Lance Lever once, Orb fires a beam attack with the Orb Slugger Lance.
  • Big Bang Thrust (ビッグバンスラスト Biggu Ban Surasuto): After pulling the Lance Lever twice, Orb stabs his opponent with the Orb Slugger Lance, causing an explosion.
  • Trident Slash (トライデントスラッシュ Toraidento Surasshu): After pulling the Lance Lever thrice, Orb slashes his opponent with the Orb Slugger Lance at a very quick pace.
  • Barrier: The Orb Slugger Lance can be used as a barrier by rotating it at high speeds.
    • Tornado: A tornado can be generated from the spinning force, which is able to push enemies away.
    • Reversal: Orb is able to block incoming attacks and then send it back at the attacker.



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