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"Ultraman Orb Dark!"

―Transformation announcement (Orb Dark Mode)

"(Sparion/Zettcium/Origium) Beam!"

―Special attack announcement (R/B Mode)

The Orb Ring NEO (オーブリングNEOネオ Ōbu Ringu Neo) is a device created by Makoto Aizen to transform into Ultraman Orb Dark. Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu can also use the device for several finishers. It is based off of the Orb Ring used by Gai Kurenai and is transformed from the Orb Origin Crystal when inserted into a Gyro.


Ultraman R/B

Aspiring to become an Ultraman like Orb, Makoto Aizen (Cereza) had researched the Orb Ring and had been recruiting several people who had traits similar to Gai Kurenai, and hooked them up to a special machine to restore the power of the Orb Origin Crystal. Once he had enough people, he used their "power of bonds" to energize the Orb Origin Crystal, summoning the Orb Ring NEO.

After his first defeat, Makoto loses the Orb Ring NEO to Katsumi and Isami, who take it for themselves. Makoto reclaim the device by manipulating Horoboros but ironically losing it when Saki used that same monster to defeat him. For reasons unknown, the item floated to Asahi and she gave it to her brothers in order to defeat Horoboros. As of that incident, the Orb Ring NEO had since remained in their possession.


The Orb Ring NEO's deactivated state, the Orb Origin Crystal

The Orb Ring NEO has 2 modes with different purposes. Orb Dark Mode (オーブダークモード Ōbu Dāku Mōdo) is used by Orb Dark while R/B Mode (R/Bルーブモード Rūbu Mōdo) is used by Rosso and Blu.

Orb Dark Mode

Used by Makoto to transform into Orb Dark, the Orb Ring NEO changes to Orb Dark Mode when the switch is pushed down and the ring shines purple.

  • Transformation: This device serves as Ultraman Orb Dark's transformation device. The user presses the central button once to transform into Orb Dark.
  • Dark Sparion Beam (ダークスペリオン光線 Dāku Superion Kōsen): After pressing the Orb Ring NEO's central button, a dark version of Spacium Zeperion's Sparion Beam can be unleashed by Orb Dark.
  • Dark Stobium Dynamite (ダークストビュームダイナマイト Dāku Sutobyūmu Dainamaito): After pressing the Orb Ring NEO's central button, a dark version of Burnmite's Stobium Dynamite can be unleashed by Orb Dark.
  • Dark Zettcium Beam (ダークゼットシウム光線 Dāku Zettoshiumu Kōsen): After pressing the Orb Ring NEO's central button, a dark version of Thunder Breastar's Zettcium Beam can be unleashed by Orb Dark.
With Gyro
  • Dark Origium Beam (ダークオリジウム光線 Dāku Orijiumu Kōsen): A dark version of Ultraman Orb's Origium Beam, and Orb Dark's signature Ultra Beam. To activate this attack, the Orb Ring NEO is set onto the AZ Gyro and the handles are pulled thrice.

R/B Mode

The Orb Ring NEO changes to R/B Mode when the switch is pushed up and the ring shines blue.

  • Light Pulse: The Orb Ring NEO can emit a pulse of light that knocks over monsters.
  • Origium Beam (オリジウム光線 Orijiumu Kōsen): Via the device, Rosso and Blu can use Orb Origin's Origium Beam.
  • Sparion Beam (スペリオン光線 Superion Kōsen): Via the device, Rosso and Blu can use Spacium Zeperion's Sparion Beam.
  • Zettcium Beam (ゼットシウム光線 Zettoshiumu Kōsen): Via the device, Rosso and Blu can use Thunder Breastar's Zettcium Beam.
With Gyro
  • Triple Origium Beam (トリプルオリジウム光線 Toripuru Orijiumu Kōsen): Rosso, Blu, and the "aura of Orb Origin" fire the Origium Beam. It is activated when the Orb Ring NEO is set onto the R/B Gyro.


Ultraman R/B



  • In the early toy catalog, the Orb Ring NEO's modes were formerly branded as Enemy Mode (敵モード Teki Mōdo) (Orb Dark Mode) and Hero Mode (ヒーローモード Hīrō Mōdo) (R/B Mode) respectively.
  • Design wise, the Orb Ring NEO's is similar to the Sparklence from Ultraman Tiga, in that they are handheld devices that themed after the chest/breastplate of an Ultra Warrior. The Sparklence and its darker counterpart are two separate devices, which is also the case with Orb Ring NEO instead of being an evolution of Orb Ring.
    • Paralleling to Ultraman Taro's 45th anniversary, it is also a homage to that of Ultra Badge, due to it being a palm-sized item.
  • Just like its original counterpart, the Orb Ring NEO is designed to resemble Ultraman Orb's Color Timer and overall color scheme.
    • The Orb Dark Mode reused several noises from the Dark Ring and a transformation swing that mimics the Orb Slasher. Just like the latter device, the Orb Ring NEO is also infamously compared to a pizza cutter due to its design.
    • Makoto was shown twice summoning the Orb Ring NEO from its crystal, whereas it remains in default mode when the Minato brothers use it.
  • Whenever Makoto or the brothers use the Orb Ring NEO, it is set to the opposite mode before they switch it. In Katsumi's case, he switches it from Orb Dark Mode to R/B Mode, even though the item never reverted into its R/B Crystal form, and from which, when the item is summoned, it is immediately in R/B Mode. The reason for this happening is unknown, though it may simply be for marketing purposes.
  • According to the novel adaptation of Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond, the Orb Ring NEO is said to be an alternative to Ultraman Ruebe if Rosso and Blu were in need of greater firepower.[2]


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