Orb Dark Calibur (オーブダークカリバー Ōbu Dāku Karibā) is Ultraman Orb Dark's personal weapon. It is the dark version of Ultraman Orb's Orbcalibur, having similar appearance with the exception of black markings.


Ultraman R/B

Makoto as Orb Dark wields this weapon while fighting against Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu, showing them what a "real" Ultraman is.


Being a darker copy of Orbcalibur, the Orb Dark Calibur presumably retains similar functions to the original Orbcalibur.

  • Calibur Slasher (カリバースラッシャー Karibā Surasshā): The Orb Dark Calibur can release an energy ring to strike the enemy.
  • Elemental Powers: The Orb Dark Calibur can manipulate the power of four similar yet different elements: Flame, Ice, Storm and Rock.
    • Orb Dark Excellent Calibur (オーブダークエクセレントカリバー Ōbu Dāku Ekuserento Karibā): The Orb Dark Calibur's equivalent to the Orb Supreme Calibur.
    • Orb Dark Inferno Calibur (オーブダークインフェルノカリバー Ōbu Dāku Inferuno Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the flame symbol, Orb Dark creates a ring of fire by making a circular motion with his sword. He then thrusts his sword, throwing it towards the enemy, causing an explosion.
    • Orb Dark Ice Calibur (オーブダークアイスカリバー Ōbu Dāku Aisu Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the ice symbol, Orb Dark freezes the ground in front of him before slashing it and creates a series of ice eruptions as several ice blocks rain on the target.
    • Orb Dark Rock Calibur (オーブダークロックカリバー Ōbu Dāku Rokku Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the rock symbol, Orb Dark stabs his sword into the ground to release electrical currents, breaking the earth and scattering rocks.
    • Orb Dark Typhoon Calibur (オーブダークタイフーンカリバー Ōbu Dāku Taifūn Karibā): Presumably, the Orb Dark Calibur is capable of performing a variant of Orb's Orb Wind Calibur when the Calibur Wheel is set to the Storm symbol. However, Orb Dark never used it within the series.



  • Darkness Calibur, another copy of Orbcalibur is simply the reused Orb Dark Calibur with the roulette part remain blank. This is due to Ultraman Orb Darkness being a simple repaint of Orb Dark on his face and Protectors.

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