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The Orb Calibur (オーブカリバー Ōbu Karibā) is Ultraman Orb's original transformation device, and eventually his weapon after his evolution into Orb Origin. While operating on Earth, Gai Kurenai sealed away both his weapon and original powers for more than a century prior, forcing him to use the Orb Ring and a set of Ultra Fusion Cards as alternatives.

It is a mystical sword, which grants him command over the four classic elements of nature: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. When not in use, it exists as part of the Orb Origin card. As revealed in Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA, the figure who chose Gai as Ultraman Orb took residence within the Orb Calibur and notify him of his mission over time.


Ultraman Orb Chronicle

Chapter 1: 'Tree of Life' Arc

After the ring of light rejected Juggler at the top peak of Planet O-50, Gai reached out to it, and he was granted the Orb Calibur, which told him his mission about the Bezelbs as well as transforming him into Ultraman Orb Origin The First. At the time, the sword is not wielded by Orb in battle but it was used as his transformation device. When the Queen Bezelb is defeated, Gai returns to Planet O-50 where the Orb Calibur told Gai about his second mission, and granted him his Orb Origin form.

Chapter 2: 'I am the Galaxy's Migrating Bird' Arc

On his mission to search for all four elements for his Orb Calibur, Gai journeyed across different planets, and got all four jewels for his elemental attacks, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. This grants Orb/Gai to master the power of all elements and the ability to use Orb Supreme Calibur.

Chapter 4: 'Fierce Battle! Ishtal Civilization' Arc

Around 1800BC (4000 years prior to the series), Orb in his Orb Origin form had wielded this sword against the Lord Monster of Darkness, Magatanothor and defeated it using the Orb Supreme Calibur. However, the battle had caused Ishtal Civilization to turn into the Hill of Death.

Chapter 5: 'From Rusalka With Love' Arc

During the battle with Maga-Zetton, Orb's human friend Natasha Romanová was hurt by Maga-Zetton's fireball, and Orb decided to unleash the full power of his sword and used the Orb Supreme Calibur, which defeated the Lord Monster at the cost of the sword being sealed and lost along with producing a large explosion, which seemingly killed Natasha. As a result, Orb had to rely on the power of other Ultra Heroes through Fusion Up to fight against evil.


The Orb Calibur was unsealed when Gai trusted his powers again and the Orb Calibur was brought forth and summoned out from the severed tail of Maga-Orochi, which was a vital component of the Combined Lord Monster Zeppandon. Its return allowed Orb to use his original form again.

Ultraman R/B

Main article: Orb Dark Calibur

A dark copy, the Orb Dark Calibur, appears in this series, appropriately wielded by Ultraman Orb Dark.


Orb Origin Ultra Fusion Card, the Orb Calibur's deactivated state.

Orb Origin Ultra Fusion Card, the Orb Calibur's deactivated state.

Gai's Use
  • Transformation: Before Gai obtained the Orb Ring, the Orb Calibur acted as a transformation device which allows Gai to become Origin The First. In Ultraman Orb: The Chronicle's first episode, it is shown to be able to transform Gai directly into Orb Origin.
  • Message Projection: The Orb Calibur can project messages, it glows white when it reveals a message to inform Gai about his mission.
  • Travel Sphere: The Orb Calibur can encase its user in a travel sphere and travels in space as a comet. The user can also travel with passengers as well.
  • Energy Slash: As Gai, the Orb Calibur can fire a rainbow colored energy slash, used to protect Queen Bezelb from the military.
  • Form Change: The Orb Calibur can allow Gai to change his Ultra form from Origin The First to Orb Origin.
  • Extension: The Orb Calibur's blade can extend to the size of a longsword so that it can be used as a melee weapon.
Orb's Use
  • Shield: If needed, Orb can use the Orb Calibur as a shield to block beam attacks.
  • Energy Slash: Orb performs an energy slash by striking the opponent.
    • Crescent Energy Wave: Orb slashes the Orb Calibur towards the enemy, unleashing a crescent-shaped wave of energy and damages them.
    • Kinetic Force: By twisting his body clockwise, Orb can unleash a kinetic backlash that sends his target flying.
  • Energy Counterattack: Orb can use the Orb Calibur to absorb attacks and use them to counterattack.
  • Calibur Shield (カリバーシールド Karibā Shīrudo): The Orb Calibur is capable of erecting a circular barrier.
  • Calibur Wheel (カリバーホイール Karibā Hoīru): The roulette of the Orb Calibur, it can act as a slicer to slash foes. When doing so, it glows white.
    • Elemental Attacks: Based on the Calibur Wheel selections on the Orb Calibur, Orb Origin can perform attacks based on several elements.
      • Orb Supreme Calibur (オーブスプリームカリバー Ōbu Supurīmu Karibā): Orb unleashes an energy stream from his sword, which is capable of destroying even the strongest of opponents. Should he use it in full power, the resulting blast will be powerful enough to create a city-wide explosion and it slowly disintegrates the weapon before breaking apart once it reaches the Calibur Wheel. According to the Ultraman Orb Super Complete Works book, this beam uses the power of fire, water, earth, wind, light, and darkness.
        • Orb Supreme Calibur: Origium Galaxis (オーブスプリームカリバー オリジウムギャラクシス Ōbu Supurīmu Karibā Orijiumu Gyarakushisu): Orb uses the power of 8 Ultra Fusion Cards in conjunction with the Orb Supreme Calibur, which turns into a ring of light for Orb to fire his Origium Beam though, while the 8 Ultras fire their signature beams. It results in an extremely powerful attack that can cause a massive explosion.
      • Orb Flame Calibur (オーブフレイムカリバー Ōbu Fureimu Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the fire symbol, Orb creates a ring of fire by making a circular motion with his sword. He then thrusts his sword, throwing it towards the enemy where he traps them in an orb of fire before slicing both the flame construct and the target as well, causing an explosion.
      • Orb Water Calibur (オーブウォーターカリバー Ōbu Uōtā Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the water symbol, Orb brings both him and the target into a pocket dimension of water. Next, he traps the opponent in a whirlpool and slices them.
      • Orb Ground Calibur (オーブグランドカリバー Ōbu Gurando Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the earth symbol, Orb stabs his sword into the ground to release electrical currents in a circular formation that would strike the opponent. This attack is strong enough to penetrate the Zeppandon Shield.
      • Orb Wind Calibur (オーブウインドカリバー Ōbu Uindo Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the wind symbol, Orb creates a powerful tornado by swinging his sword in a circular motion. This attack is capable of sending an enemy flying.



  • The Orb Calibur being found within Maga-Orochi's tail references the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan, alongside the Yata no Kagami and the Yasakani no Magatama. Kusanagi was originally found within one the Yamata no Orochi's severed tails after it was slain by the storm god Susanoo, after said tail mysteriously shatters his previous sword.
  • The order of the elements from the Orb Calibur is the order of the Lord Monsters Orb fought in the present day in reverse: the first is Fire (Maga-Pandon), followed by Water (Maga-Jappa), Earth (Maga-Grand King), and finally Wind (Maga-Basser).
  • The symbols of the elements the Orb Calibur are stylized kanji of their respective element, taken from that of the attributes displayed in Ultra Fusion Cards and Kaiju Cards.
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