Operation Rainbow Monster! (怪獣レインボー作戦 Kaijū Reinbō Sakusen) is the 7th Episode of Return of Ultraman.


Goh, Jiro, Aki, and Ken are all on a mountain excursion. While enjoying the day, Jiro takes a photograph of Goh and his girlfriend in the top of a precipice. As they pose, Goh's super hearing picks up a shrill sound that nobody else hears. Later, Aki has the pictures developed and to her surprise, some sort of monster has photo bombed their picture without them knowing it. MAT investigates the location and comes up with nothing except scratch marks on some rocks by the river. They think that little Jiro has somehow doctored the photo as a prank. When the monster does reveal itself, MAT members discover it's a rock-like chameleon beast (Gorbagos), assimilating with its surroundings. They devise the 'Rainbow Plan', an air and ground maneuver where the Monster Attack Team will pellet the thing with a myriad amount of colors so that the monster will remain visible. Goh Transformed into Ultraman & the monster was defeated.


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DVD Release

  • Return of Ultraman Volume 2 Features Episodes 5-8.
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