One Afternoon When the Magic Was Lost From the Star (星の魔法が消えた午後 Hoshi no Mahō ga Kieta Gogo) is the eleventh episode of Ultraman Taiga.


EGIS and the Tri-Squad get into trouble with the appearance of a magic woman, an alien, a monster and tentacles emerging from the ground.


Pirika pours a hot tea on a cup in the HQ, much to Homare seeing, Hiroyuki walks around the park while a sorceress or Alien Sarasa, Maria, greets him. Seeing a girl's hat almost fall into a river, Maria uses her magic wand to stop it mid-air and bring it to her before giving it back, which surprises him. Kana and Pirika prepare for lunch alongside Honoka Kanzaki, she waves goodbye to the female members with Homare. Maria gives a hat back to a girl while Hiroyuki tells Taiga that Maria uses ESP. As a girl leaves, Hiroyuki calls Maria a homeless ex-sorceress. Honoka saw a man, tied with tentacles, later, the newscaster and the cameraman. Pirika rewinds the broadcast to see the tentacle-tied Honoka before Kana ran but followed by Homare. As the car stops, Hiroyuki finds the target that Homare points to the right. Kana sees the man, saving the people, attacked by other tentacles that Maria is pulled by a tractor beam into a spaceship, followed by Hiroyuki. Then, Homare cuts a tentacle, that he continues searching others. There, she meets Alien Zelan Oshoro, who had been watching her.

Hiroyuki found Oshoro and her that he accidentally summoned the underground kaiju, Pagos, via an alien device, emerged from the underground and started rampaging through the city, prompting Hiroyuki to act and transform into Taiga. In the hospital, Kana tells Maria and Homare that they watching the battle.

Taiga's attacks, including the Hell Slash, were ineffective against Pagos' tough hide, so he switched to Titas, who was briefly able to beat Pagos with sheer might. However, the tables turned when Pagos used his energy drill attack, forcing Titas into a corner. Titas then switched out with Fuma, who ended Pagos by slicing his underbelly with an energy blade. As Pagos died, he shed a single tear and turned to stone. Honoka wakes up slowly that Kana saw Fuma, disappeared, after the battle. Outside the hospital, tentacles emerged from the ground, tried to attack Kana, who blocked it using a hand to hold. Hiroyuki saw the members and Maria but the vampire kaiju, Gymaira, emerged from the underground, using its split tongue in an attempt to consume more life energy from all the surrounding humans. As Taiga still weakened from his fight with Pagos, Gymaira defeated him with ease, grabbing Taiga around the throat and causing him to cry out in pain.

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


A Loser's Son - Part 3 (負け犬の子 後編 Makeinu no Ko Kōhen)

Fuma gets to the end of his story of how he became an Ultraman.


Guest Cast

  • Maria (麻璃亜): Ryoka Oshima (大島涼花 Ōshima Ryōka)
  • Honoka Kanzaki (神崎 穂花 Kanzaki Honoka): Kaoru Ukawa (鵜川 薫 Ukawa Kaoru)

Voice Actors

Suit Actors





  • Tri-Squad's transformation sequences have their slightly extended version for the first time.
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