One Afternoon When the Magic Was Lost From the Star (星の魔法が消えた午後 Hoshi no Mahō ga Kieta Gogo) is the eleventh episode of Ultraman Taiga.


EGIS and the Tri-Squad get into trouble with the appearance of a magic woman, an alien, a monster and tentacles emerging from the ground.


Hiroyuki ran into a woman named Maria. She was a witch with magical powers. As Alien Zeran was trying to exploit her magical power, there was a sudden emergence of mysterious tentacles attacking the people on the streets!? At the same time, Underground Monster Pagos arise from its sleep and emerge breaking through the ground!! Will Taiga be able to overcome the power and the tough skin of Pagos!?

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


A Loser's Son - Part 3 (負け犬の子 後編 Makeinu no Ko Kōhen)

Fuma gets to the end of his story of how he became an Ultraman.


Guest Cast

  • Maria (麻璃亜): Ryoka Oshima (大島涼花 Ōshima Ryōka)
  • Honoka Kanzaki (神崎 穂花 Kanzaki Honoka): Kaoru Ukawa (鵜川 薫 Ukawa Kaoru)

Voice Actors

Suit Actors




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