On a Mission from M78, known in Japan as The Silver Pursuer (銀色の追跡者 Gin Iro no Tsuiseki-sha), is the first episode of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


A mysterious spacecraft enters orbit just beyond Earth's moon and launches three pods toward the planet's surface. One of the pods is intercepted by the WINR team who determine its extraterrestrial composition is similar to certain Earth insects. Soon they detect the craft from which the pods were launched and attempt to destroy it using their satellite defense systems. However, WINR's attempts are thwarted by the arrived of another fast-moving UFO. Kai and Young are sent to pursue the UFO when it enters Earth's atmosphere while Captain Edlund and Rick Sanders investigate the disappearance of two police officers who reported seeing "a lot of eyes" in a downtown warehouse. Kai and Young inspect the crater where the UFO apparently crashed but are halted by the appearance of a blinding red light. When the light fades, Young finds that Kai has disappeared. Captain Edlund and Rick Sanders discover the presence of a single, insectoid alien in the warehouse and begin to pursue it on foot. Meanwhile, inside a chamber of brilliant light, Kai is told by a disembodied voice that his help is needed in order to defeat the Baltans, the aliens who launched the pods and who are now beginning an invasion of Earth. Edlund and Sanders pursue the lone Baltan to an open clearing where they discover more aliens waiting for them. Sanders fires upon the aliens but when the smoke clears, a single gigantic alien stands before them. Although Edlund and Sanders do their best to stop the alien, it takes the timely arrival of another gigantic, silver and red alien to stop the Baltans. As the battle was going on, Alien Baltan fired an energy blast at Powered only for it to be reflected back at him and seemingly destroyed him until he attempted a surprise attack. During Alien Baltan's assault, Powered was charging up the Mega Specium Ray, which destroyed him in one hit.





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