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Object X (物体X Buttai X) is the last 'monster' to appear in Fireman. It is however far more likely that it is a spaceship belonging to the inhabitants of the 24th Shark Star, the planet to which Dark Mander hails from.

Subtitle: Super Weapon (超兵器 Chōheiki)



The Object X came to Earth with Dark Mander to end Fireman, it appeared in space and destroyed a satellite that powered the SAF base. As it entered Earth, the main objective was to destroy the SAF base so that the SAF would not use the technology they had to stop it, which they achieved very easily since the technology of Earth was no match for the strong spaceship. After it destroyed the SAF base, the spaceship reveals Dark Mander which was only a distraction for Fireman to drain his energy so that they could easily destroy him. Fireman, with the low energy that he had left, paralyzed Object X with one of his powers and took him into space that ended in both disappearing in space.


  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Origin: 24th Shark Star
Powers and Weapons
  • Missiles: From the crater in the center, the ship can fire missiles.
  • Teleportation: Object X can disappear and teleport to another place.
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