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The Nursedessei (ナースデッセイ号 Nāsudessei-gō) is GUTS-Select's giant battleship and mobile base. The ship is captained by Seiya Tatsumi and piloted by Tesshin Sakuma. It has a bridge that also functions as the team's command center, and has a station for the GUTS Falcon's pilot. Each crew member has their own private quarters. It also houses Akito Hijiri's laboratory, where he keeps artifacts of the Ultra-Ancient Civilization for analysis.[1][2] On the bottom of the ship is a pair of docking points for one GUTS Falcon.[4][5]


  • Anti-Monster Battleship (対怪獣用戦闘艇 Tai Kaijū-yō Sentō-tei)[1][2]
  • Mobile Mothership (移動母艦 Idō Bokan)[4][5]


  • 800mm Large-Scale Charged Particle Cannon "Nurse Cannon" (800ミリ大型荷電粒子砲・ナースキャノン 800-Miri Ōgata Kaden Ryūshi-hō Nāsu Kyanon)[1][2][3]: A large charged particle cannon located on the starboard side of the ship.[1][2] Its energy output can be adjusted based on the mission.
    • Energy Outputs
      • Normal: A normal charged shot has a rate of five minutes per shot.[6]The Propagating Invasion
      • 200% output: The cannon can fire two shots at 200% output with a small charge time in between. However, this would put strain on the ship's integrity and its generators.The One Hour Demon
    • Emergency Manual Shutdown
      • The cannon can be manually shutdown via two emergency shutdown bolt detonators, located separately inside two fire control system (FCS) boxes. Operators would need to access the ship's foredeck, open the cover of the boxes, remove the control panel safeties, and simultaneously shoot at both of the detonators with a firearm to deactivate the cannon.The Propagating Invasion