Nook (left) and Terra (right)
Nook and Terra
Home world: Earth
First Appearance: Ultraman Tiga episode 45 "Eternal Life"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: Equal to normal human
Weight: Equal to normal human
Category: Cyborg
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): None

Nook (ヌーク Nook) and Terra (テラ Terra) were cyborgs who were originally survivors of the ancient civilization that perished thirty million years ago. They mainly lived in space via their spaceship and later returned to Earth when Gijera struck.


  • Height: Normal for a human
  • Weight: Normal for a human
  • Origin: Earth


Ultraman Tiga

In the depths of the forest, deep underground, Gijera commanded its flowers to emit their yellow pollen, causing Rena and the other member their to behave strangely. Daigo went back to base with them, a sample of the plant, and a strange girl he’d found wondering the woods. Something in her speech reminded Daigo of the prophecy that had been given from the ancient race. As they worked to try to work it out, more of Gijera’s plants began releasing their pollen all over the city. Deep within the Earth, Gijera continued to infect everyone coming in contact with its spores. In fact, only Daigo and the young girl appeared immune. The girl suddenly collapsed in front of Daigo and another man suddenly appeared. He introduced himself as Nook and the little girl as his daughter, Terra. The man reveals that the appearance of Gijera was the beginning of the end for the ancient race from which Daigo descended, as it could very well be for mankind. Its only because of his bond to Tiga that Daigo is immune to Gijera’s pollen and is the only chance mankind has of survival as Gijera matures and grows into a towering monster. The two leave Daigo to do what he will with Gijera.

After Daigo as Tiga destroyed the Gijera, the two cyborgs appeared in front of him as spirits where he apologised at them since Gijera's pollens were the supplements needed in order to ensure their survival. However, they said that it doesn't matter as long as the Earth is safe.


  • Cast:
    • Nook: Sado Minoru
    • Terra: Rika Kanetsuna
  • Terra's age was actually thirty million years old, but she was still in her juvenille state. This is probably because her remodeling halted her aging process.

Powers and Weapons

  • Pollen Resistance: The remodelling that had made on Terra and Nook provides resistance against Gijera pollen as it became their supplements instead of pollens that drunk humans into paradise.
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