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Nook (ヌーク Nūku) and Terra (テラ Tera) were cyborgs who were originally survivors of the ancient civilization that perished thirty million years ago. They mainly lived in space via their spaceship and later returned to Earth when Gijera struck.


Ultraman Tiga

While investigating strange plasma signatures in a field, Daigo went to explore a nearby forest. While there, he encountered a strange girl named Terra wandering about with an unusual flower. When they returned to the other GUTS members on the investigation, they were found to be intoxicated by the pollen, much to the girl's amusement.

Nook replacing the Gijera pollen in Terra's head

The group returned to the GUTS headquarters with Terra, where they tested the flowers. Terra revealed that she and her father knew about the plants and that they were far from extraterrestrial. However, Gijera pollen soon infected everyone but her and Daigo. While Daigo questioned her, a man mysteriously appeared behind them as the girl slumped into unconsciousness. Nook, Terra's father, replaced a capsule in her head, revealing them to be cyborgs. He explained the uses of the Gijera pollen, and that they were members of the ancient human race, who had escaped off-world when Gijera first appeared. He added that, thanks to Daigo's connection with Ultraman Tiga, Daigo was the only being capable of causing mankind's survival. Nook and Terra then left Daigo to contemplate what to do.

The father and daughter later watched as Tiga and Gijera fought. After Tiga destroyed the plant, they appeared to him one last time. Though Daigo apologized for destroying their source of life, in turn severing one of their final connections to the past, Nook stated that they had learned to appreciate modern humanity. With that, the duo departed, along with their ship.


  • Actors:
    • Nook: Sado Minoru
    • Terra: Rika Kanetsuna
  • Terra's age was actually thirty million years old, but she was still only a young adult. This is probably because her remodelling halted her aging process.


  • Height: Human-like
  • Weight: Human-like
  • Origin: Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Pollen Resistance: The remodeling that had made on Terra and Nook provides resistance against Gijera pollen as it became their supplements instead of pollens that drunk humans into paradise.
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